Moroccan Treatment

Moroccan Treatment. It is a new and advanced method of hair straightening, compared to the traditional “progressive straightening”.


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  • 1 Composition
  • 2 Steps to apply the Treatment
  • 3 Duration
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Vitamins, Amino Acids, Keratin (which is the natural protein of the hair), Silicone Polymers , emollient agents, cocoa extract and white clay, which, when in contact with the heat of the iron, leaves the hair waterproofed and treats the strands inside to outside.

Steps to apply the Treatment

  • Wash the hair with a neutral shampoo (do not apply rinsing cream, only the shampoo).
  • Dry it completely with a towel, if you want with a dryer but cold. Once dry, the hair is separated into layers and the product is applied with a brush. * It is allowed to act for between 15 and 20 minutes, which is its exposure time, so that it penetrates the hair fiber; At the end of that time, the hair is separated again and it begins to dry with a dryer.
  • First the nape is dried, which is the most complicated, then all the hair is loosened and it is dried on top with a hot dryer up to 80%, (not totally, the hair has to be wet and you do not have to remove all the product because otherwise the process is being affected)
  • There is a part of the product that evaporates, that does not remain in the hair and that 20% that remains of the residue is what will end up acting with what has already penetrated the hair and what will make the iron (ceramic) penetrate. with the heat.
  • The product is thermoactive, that is, it is activated by heat. It is important that once dry, take fine wicks and iron 15 to 20 times.
  • The hair will take on more and more shine. Do the entire process on the hair removing all the rest of the product possible with the iron and heat.


The approximate duration is 3 months. The degree of straightening depends on the hair texture and the number of times Moroccan straightening has been applied. Usually, after one or two applications, the shine and softness of the hair are noticed, giving a natural and lasting result.


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