Treatments for large pores 

Treatments for large pores . Dilated or open pores make the skin look to look rough and damaged, it is one of the main problems when they have had black spots and they have not been treated as they should, because it arrived at a time sebaceous secretions decrease, open leaving by unclean impurities.

This is mainly noticeable on the cheeks and nose . Over time, the skin is less firm and the pores tend to open even more, they even make the features appear larger than they really are. Almost always their size is marked by our genetics, but you should not be discouraged, there are ways to hide them and try to correct them, because once they are opened it is the only thing that can be done. I don’t know they close alone.

There are several treatments that you can undergo. However, natural ones, in addition to having a lower cost than industrial ones, have the possibility of being more effective. In this way, they keep the skin neat and thus remove enlarged and clogged pores along with blackheads and other spots. For this reason, it is advisable to use them frequently and long-term to maintain healthy skin.


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  • 1 Causes
  • 2 How to avoid having open pores
  • 3 How to close open pores
  • 4 Natural treatments
    • 1 A tablespoon of mayonnaise is enough!
    • 2 An ancient remedy: whey
    • 3 Almond masks
    • 4 Lemon masks
    • 5 Papaya remedy
    • 6 Cucumber, apple, egg and milk mask
    • 7 Clay mask
    • 8 Lemon drops
  • 5 Other options
    • 1 Exfoliation
    • 2 Hydrate and cleanse the skin
    • 3 Daily care
    • 4 Microdermabration
    • 5 Laser
  • 6 Professional treatments
  • 7 Tips
  • 8 Sources


The pores visible on the skin that are most often seen on the face are the exit ducts of the sebum-producing internal glands. These vary, depending on sex , genetics, and age.

In addition, they also differ regarding the use of contraceptive methods or estrogens in some people. The biggest cause of enlarged pores is having oily skin . This is because the pores contain a high percentage of it, causing them to open by retaining impurities and dead cells. The size of the sebaceous glands increases and, in this way, a higher percentage of fat originates. This helps provide acidity to the skin and provides lubrication. Along with this, the dead cells and the sweat produced create an acid mantle to prevent certain infections from bacteria , viruses and fungi .

However, the problem lies when the amount of sebum exceeds neutral and the enlarged pores are generated. In this way, the skin is shiny and greasy. Also, those who suffer from this dermatological event, tend to have acne because it can form thanks to the sebaceous glands. Its size depends on the affected area and the concentration of fat in the skin. Now, most individuals tend to generate them in the nose and in the areas of the facial center.

How to avoid having open pores

  • First of all, we must keep the skin clean, using as far as possible products with Salicylic acidthat keep blackheads at bay. Recommending regular exfoliations and using matifying and astringent products.
  • Make purifying masks, such as clayand mud . They thoroughly cleanse and fill the complexion with minerals that nourish the skin.
  • A good ally are revitalizing creams that illuminate the face and produce a micropeeling, making our skin renew itself effectively. The best ones are those that contain antioxidants like Vitamin C, E and Glycolic Acid.
  • And to avoid losing firmness the best are the products with Retinoland Hyaluronic Acid , they hydrate the skin and help support the face .
  • Also the black dot strips, used correctly, remove excess sebum. Particularly I cut them in two parts and put them on the cheeks, after that I apply a non-alcoholic tonic.
  • But if you think that it is too late for these cares because you have them very open, resort to a chemical or laser peel, they refine and disguise them, in addition the facial radiofrequency retains and fills the skin. Don’t forget that once you do, you should follow the previous tips.

How to close open pores

Beautiful and attractive skin is the product of many factors: genetics, our diet, hydration and the care we can offer you externally. But it is not only about protecting ourselves from the sun or using cosmetic creams that keep it in good condition, but also periodic cleaning and taking care of keeping it in good condition, keeping it in good condition.

Every day our skin faces pollution, dust, high temperatures and the oil that our own skin produces. All these factors cause impurities to accumulate in our pores, clogging them and opening them, that is why it is so important to clean our face periodically.

  • In principle, you should maintain a daily cleaning routine by washing your face deeply and always removing makeup, since going to bed with a dirty face will only make your pores open faster, in addition to promoting premature aging.
  • Use special lotions and cleaning products for your skin type, particularly if it is oily because you will have a greater tendency to accumulate impurities in your pores. Always read the labels before purchasing any cosmetic, and if you are not clear what are the best ingredients for you, the most advisable thing is to consult a dermatologist for a list of recommended products according to your complexion.
  • In addition to daily care, every 15 days you can apply a cleansing mask with a deeper effect. In the market there are several options that allow you to remove accumulated impurities and exfoliate your skin, also removing dead cells and making it look smoother and more beautiful. You can also choose to make a homemade aloe veramask .
  • You can make a good and effective 100% homemade scrub based on natural yogurtand granulated oats, apply it to your face, rub gently, and then leave it for a few minutes. Then apply a toner and your moisturizer and you will have perfect skin in minutes. But if this idea does not convince you and you want to experiment with other options, we invite you to consult our article on how to make homemade face scrubs.
  • Another effective mask is that of honeywith refined sugar that fulfills a fantastic effect by removing dead cells from our skin which favors the closure of pores. To get it, follow the same instructions as the previous mask and you will see excellent results.

Natural treatments

There are different natural ways that you can make enlarged pores disappear:

A tablespoon of mayonnaise is enough !

Just a tablespoon of mayonnaise applied to the entire face is enough. It is left to act for 20 minutes and the vinegar and the egg that are in the mayonnaise will help to shrink the pores and to leave a smoother skin. However, it is not recommended for those with an oily complexion.

An ancient remedy: whey

In addition to being an ancient product to lighten the skin, whey helps to reduce the size of open pores. Treatment consists of washing your face at night. Then a cotton ball containing buttermilk is scrubbed over the face. After 20 minutes, it should be washed with cold water . === Honey, lemon , apple and yogurt mask === A tablespoon of yogurt should be added to a grated apple. Similarly, add a tablespoon of honey and lemon. The ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained and then it is applied to the face for about 15 to 20 minutes. This mixture that at the same time softens the skin, is perfect to use before bed.

Almond masks

1/3 cup almonds should be blended until powdery. Then, gradually add water to obtain a dough. This should be applied starting with the nose and extending it to the areas containing the dilated pores. It is left to act for 30 minutes and then you have to wash your face with warm water. This treatment should be carried out at least 2 times a week.

Lemon masks

The lemon mask is formed by mixing lemon juice with a little water. It should be applied with cotton and left to act for approximately half an hour avoiding contact with the eyes. Finally, the mixture is removed with cold water.

Remedy papaya

The first step is to wash your face and then rub a peeled papaya on it. It must be done with the inside of the shell. After the course of 15 minutes, you should wash your face with a little warm water. In addition, the treatment serves to reduce freckles. Apply any of these natural honey face masks and take advantage of all the benefits of this wonderful ingredient.

Cucumber, apple, egg and milk mask

You only need to mix egg white with a tablespoon of powdered milk. These two ingredients must be whipped without frothing, then add the grated apple and cucumber . Mix again until you have a uniform paste and apply to the face for 15 minutes and then remove the mask with warm water.

Clay mask

The clay mask should be applied once a week and should be made one day in advance. In this way, clay can better suck up dirt and oil from the pores and help absorb excess oil. In addition, it reduces enlarged pores because it cleans them.

Lemon drops

All you need to do is add a few drops of lemon to the face cream in another container. Then it is mixed and applied to the face as if it were a mask for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, the mixture is removed with warm water.

Other options


Exfoliation greatly helps to reduce enlarged pores. The glycolic acid in the scrubs helps to soften the deepest salicylic acid sinks and the top layer of the skin. In this way, the pores are unblocked and their size decreases. If the skin is very sensitive or has acne. It is recommended to use exfoliating enzymes in which alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) are found instead of scrubbing. Otherwise, bacteria could arise or the skin could be scratched. Along with this, it is advisable that the exfoliants contain retinol so that the production of cells is more efficient and, in this way, an exfoliation can be carried out from the inside. However, pregnant women should not use retinol under any circumstances.

Hydrate and clean the skin

To get rid of enlarged pores, you can use a skin cleanser that does not scratch and damage it. In addition, some products that dehydrate it should be avoided because it makes the pores more noticeable and visible. Along with this, you should avoid sun exposure and reduce or eliminate cigarette smoking. The face should be washed with a mild soap and, whenever makeup is used, you should try to remove it before sleeping so that the pores are clean. Also, you can do a daily cleaning with a moisturizer that does not contain oil .

Daily care

Pore ​​treatments should not contain alcohol. Make sure that the cream used can be used under makeup and that they contain salicylic acid and mattifying agents so that they absorb the oil on the skin. Other benefits include the ability to soften skin and improve skin texture.


This consists of a somewhat extreme exfoliation for whom enlarged pores are a continuous problem. In this way, the skin is smoothed, enlarged pores are reduced, some wrinkles and dry spots are removed. For this reason, it is a good option for those with mature skin and problems with pores.

To be

Laser treatments are recommended as a last option because it is expensive, However, its effects have more permanence. These are used in medical spas and private clinics. The process of laser treatments constitutes a pulse of light that is directed directly at the skin. If used, contact with the sun must be avoided so that the skin is not damaged.

Professional treatments

  • Take prescription medications. Your dermatologist or doctor will be able to point out medications, both topical and oral, that could fully treat your seizures in a matter of weeks.
  • Try dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is basically the process of a doctor scraping off the top layer of the skin, or epidermis, with very fine diamond sandpaper or wire brush, thus smoothing out skin irregularities. It is good for blemishes caused by acne.

Try microdermabrasion. Like dermabrasion, only with a softer implement. A mild abrasive is moved over the epidermis, thus smoothing out blemishes and encouraging collagen production.

  • Try the flattening. Similar to dermabrasion, except that the dermatologist removes the outer layer of the skin not by rubbing the skin, but by flattening it with a series of oscillations.
  • Eliminate blemishes. Your local beautician will have a high-frequency machine that uses a current to kill the bacteria that cause the inflamed blemishes. A small electrode is passed over the imperfection and it will be noticeably smaller in a few hours.

You can also buy a Zeno, which is the same as these high frequency machines. The only difference is that these are manual and battery operated.

  • Get a cortisone injection. Your dermatologist can inject cortisone into a blemish, which will reduce inflammation in one day. However, this is normally seen as a method of last resort for when your skin no longer responds to other treatments.



  • Before you start, make sure your hands are clean.
  • Always remember that you should not touch the marks. Any type of skin discomfort, no matter how small, will irritate the region when it occurs. Touching your face as little as possible is the best way to avoid potential scarring. Your hands have a lot of natural oil produced by the skin that can clog your pores and produce more blemishes!
  • Make sure the products you use are not expired or stale.
  • Take care that the lemon juice does not enter your eyes, because the citric acid will burn you.
  • Before you start, make sure you have everything on hand.
  • Some skin products also work, Neutrogena is a good brand.
  • You don’t need too specialized care to keep our skin beautiful, you just need to give it some attention
  • Remember that the key to fighting premature aging lies in the daily care we give our complexion


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