Monkey wrench

Monkey wrench is a tool used in the adjustment of nuts and bolts . The Monkey Wrench is essential to carry out the tasks without damaging the elements, unlike what happens when using pliers for the operation, since these have toothed jaws that cause deterioration in the surfaces of the parts to be adjusted.


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  • 1 Features of the spanner
  • 2 Variety of wrench shapes
    • 1 Primitives
    • 2 Modern
  • 3 Composition
  • 4 Differences
  • 5 Sources

Monkey Wrench Features

Spanners are adjustable wrenches used for mounting bolts and nuts . This wrench is adjustable, since it has a jaw composed of a fixed part and a mobile one commanded by a worm screw located at the base of the mouth , which allows it to adapt to the different sizes of the nuts and bolts , unlike the other keys that are fixed. The inside of the mouth is smooth so that it does not produce nicks in the nuts or screw heads .

There are different sizes of wrenches , depending on the elements for which they are intended.

Variety of Spanner Shapes


They were adjusted using wedges that required the help of a hammer to adjust the moving head . A version of the monkey wrench, which consisted of a wedge-adjustable wrench, has an unknown origin, but the earliest versions of the wrench with a screw are attributed to Edwin Beard Budding 1795-1846 and the Swedish Johan Petter Johansson , who patented them in 1892 . Said blacksmith would have invented this tool to replace the heavy set of fixed keys that he had to transport for his trade. Therefore, the origin of this tool lies in the need for an instrument capable of covering a wide spectrum of uses.


They have an automatic adjustment mechanism such as the wrench and the dog wrench .

  • The wrench is used in plumbing and its moving part is moved by means of an endless screw, but its mouth is perpendicular to the handle, which makes adjustment easier. The inner part of the mouth has a serration that allows you to screw and unscrew elements with a circular head.
  • The dog wrench does not have a worm screwfor adjusting the mouth , but has an adjustable handle with several dentures to fix the pivoting element of the mechanism.


These tools are built with high strength and hardness steel . The mouth is slightly inclined with respect to the axis of the handle to facilitate the adjustment operation.


The difference between the wrench and the fixed wrenches , is in the capacity of the first one to adjust its mouth to the measure of the element that it is going to mount, making it possible to use the same tool for an infinite number of possible measures, which would require a large number of fixed wrenches.


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