Mistakes to avoid being successful in ecommerce

From e-commerce It is one of the primary ways of expanding – perhaps to survive – by short and long-term companies.

But not all companies are successful in business . The market is new and therefore unexplored and making mistakes is simpler for new entrepreneurs.

Although the online sale It has certain risks, we must not forget that the main mistake made in this field is not to appear.

It is not in vain that global sales of business to the final consumer, according to eMarketer estimates , this 2014 will grow by more than 20% worldwide.

So, don’t get in the way of e-commerce It’s a serious mistake that proves to have no vision for the future and where many companies place greater importance on physical sales. But brands can’t afford to grow from digital commerce.

Fulfill what was promised

One of the major problems of online stores is not fulfilling what they have promised the consumer. And it is that at the offer on the web you have to remember that everything you offer or suggest to the buyer that you have will have to fulfill it at all times.

The purchase should be simple

There are few online stores. They are basically trying to squeeze the visitor in and extract all the data so they can buy not just one but more products. The truth is that it is not worth it. The customer will end up angry and forget their intention to buy.

And the process should be easy and straightforward: just what is added to the cart, add and pay the amount. A good example is what Amazon does: its customers just click on Buy and… .. voila!

Send time

One of the main concerns of the business consumer is when and how much their order will add.
They are data that can drastically affect the purchase, as it is one of the basic information they are looking for in an online business.

When it comes to hiding this data while trying to make the consumer aware of it until the last moment, it is a very serious mistake negatively affecting the brand.

Failed delivery service

It doesn’t matter, if you have an extensive catalog of good prices, that after you have been bought and shipped by the customer, you have a poor delivery service.

It is advisable for companies to check companies that deliver these delivery services so that they deliver the products in a timely manner to achieve the best quality and efficiency.

Poorly prepared packaging

A fact to consider is that the packaging is well prepared to provide protection to the product and that it arrives harmless to the customer.

If not, it will make a bad impression if, for example, the box is broken or dirty or dirty. And the packaging should correspond to the value of the brand.

In your experience as a buyer, did you get any misunderstanding with any product after your purchase via the Internet?


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