5 keys to the success of an online store

If yours is business and internet related, it would be a great idea to set up an e-commerce store where you offer products and with which you may be able to expand to other types of services or expand your lines.

What are some things you need to remember to make your online store a success? Here we give you 5 keys to maintaining your company.

Key to the success of your online store

  1. I know

If you do not know about the business, or you know about the internet, but you want to do it, the first thing will be to thoroughly research the topic, talk to people who already have experience in this field, and research all about business and online shops in the internet.

Consult with experts on the subject and they will give you tips to enter this world with the right foot.

  1. Sector

In Spain, the sectors with the highest sales are tourism agencies and travel agents with 13%, air transport with 8.7%, direct marketing with 5.5%, clothing with 5%, land transport with 4.4%, food with 3.7%, advertising with 3.1% , sports, arts and entertainment shows with 3.1%, last betting and betting with 2.8%. Do you know what is the fastest growing sector in Peru? Detailed, between 2009 and 2014 growth was 198.5%.

  1. Competition

First you need to know who your competition is, where it is, how it sells, who it sells, what advertisements it has, and so on.

You need to know everything. Ask their customers and analyze each of your competitors so that you get the best of each (as well as reflections on the worst – because there are always complaints) to consider when implementing your business.

  1. Business model

Try to shorten the distribution chain by choosing direct suppliers. Check out the business models of your online competition and similar cases in other countries so that you have something new and attractive in your online store.

  1. No shipping or shipping

In e-commerce, the shipping process . Try to reach an agreement with a racing company so that your products arrive at their destination well.

Remember that there is still distrust of e-commerce, as there have been many cases of fraud due to the issuance of credit cards, the products did not arrive on the agreed date, lost packages, etc.

Try to be as transparent as possible according to the procedures, have the conditions very clear, so as not to affect neither your company nor consumers.

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