Mint: properties and natural remedies for the irritable colon

The beneficial properties of mint is a very common aromatic herb in our country as much as it is ancient and the uses we can make of it to derive benefits for our health, in fact the mind attributes different positive effects towards numerous pathologies such as digestive disorders, irritable colon.

The beneficial properties of mint for the irritable colon and beyond

Mint is an ancient aromatic herb widespread in Europe, there are several perennial varieties, it was much appreciated by the ancient Greeks and Romans, for its therapeutic properties.
Its name, Mentha, according to Greek mythology, derives from that of a nymph Minte, loved by Hades, who turned it into a plant because of jealousy.

Mint used since ancient times

Mint was known in the past for its medicinal qualities, even the Chinese once boasted its calming and antispasmodic properties. Hippocrates considered it an aphrodisiac, while Pliny boasted an analgesic action.
All types of mint have the same medicinal properties due to an alcohol extracted from the essence of mint, menthol, which appears to have been discovered in the Netherlands, around the 18th century.
with mint the following pharmacological properties have been recognized, antispastic activity on the smooth muscle cells of the digestive and respiratory systems, decongestant and balsamic activity, that is fluidifying, the secretions of the respiratory system.

Indications on the use of mint:

  • Functional digestive disorders and gastrointestinal problems
  • Irritable colon,
  • Catarral infections of the upper airways and of the ear-nose-throat district.

There are numerous clinical studies that confirm the positive effects of mint essential oil in people with an irritable bowel. The essential oil of mint can also be used advantageously in the pathology of the hepatobiliary district, with particular reference to the gallbladder descent and to gallstones. Menthol has proved to be an excellent stimulant for the stomach, an antiseptic and an analgesic, always used correctly. The Peppermint , including all varieties is the most fragrant, is grown because it is much in demand by the industry to extract the essential oil of value.

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