8 Tips for Best Crossfit Training Results 

8 Tips for Best Crossfit Training Results 

Here are some suggestions that can help you get the most out of your crossfit workout:

  1. Listen to your body

Our body tells us through aches and pains when something is not right. To have good results with your crossfit workout, you need to listen to your body. Ignoring it and keeping the same workout as usual can cause problems and slow your progress.

Working out when you are worn increases your risk of injury, something that may force you to stay for a long time without appearing in the box. So if a movement or exercise causes pain or discomfort, try to tell your trainer to check the problem and see if you can find another way to train without damaging your body.

  1. Learn the technique

Mastering the technique of crossfit exercises makes you get the most out of your training session, allows you to train faster and work with heavier weights, and prevent injuries from appearing.

So also listen to what your coach says and heed all the guidelines he makes regarding the techniques and exercises you should perform.

  1. The pre-workout meal

Your body needs to have enough fuel (energy) to handle the high intensity of a crossfit workout, so not eating enough before it is harmful. At the same time, eating wrong and eating a meal with processed or high fat foods is not good either.For example, a high fat meal takes time to digest and can cause stomach upset during training. No longer providing the body with the energy it needs to eat can make you feel lethargic while training.

The Crossfit NYC indicates that the pre-crossfit meal is high in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat. Some examples of menu would be grilled chicken with brown rice and salad or a bowl of pasta with vegetables and chicken or turkey sandwich and an apple or two scrambled eggs with vegetables or sweet potato and Greek yogurt.The recommendation is that the meal be eaten two to four hours before the crossfit session. However, if the training of the day is longer or the person needs more fuel in his body, it can be 30 to 60 minutes before training.

However, these aspects may change according to the training schedule and characteristics (duration, intensity). So it is always worthwhile to have the help of a nutritionist and the trainer himself to define the ideal pre-workout meal for you.

The meal model we’ve been through is, as the name implies, a model for you to get a sense of how it might work. However, each person is different and what works for someone may not work for you. Hence the importance of having the individualized monitoring of professionals.

  1. The general diet

In addition to caring about what you eat before training, it is crucial to keep an eye on the entire diet. Do you have a goal to build muscle or lose weight and lose fat? So be aware that in order for your crossfit efforts to be worthwhile, your diet must also be adequate.

With the help of a dietitian, choose a diet that fits your goals and lifestyle and provides everything your body and health needs to function properly.

  1. Record your results

To learn how you have evolved and what you need to improve, record the results you have gained from crossfit training. Also write down what type of exercises and weights you have been working on. This will allow you to assess how your performance has been over time, whether you are satisfied with the results, and identify whether your training has worked or needs change, reducing the risk that you will become stagnant and not even aware of it.

Another advantageous point of doing this is that by realizing how much you have improved and evolved, you are motivated to move on and get even better.

  1. Change when you need it

If through your records you find that something is not going as you expected, sit down with your trainer and discuss whether to modify or adapt your training. But always do it according to your goals and respecting your limits and health.

  1. Do warm up exercises

Before starting the day’s workout, be sure to warm up your body properly. This is important because when muscle groups have not been warmed up properly, they are at greater risk of injury when subjected to high levels of strength.

In addition, it is also good to do mobility and injury prevention activities after the end of crossfit training.

  1. Have patience and persistence

Having patience means understanding that results will not appear overnight. It is a process that requires dedication and commitment. But it is better that it takes longer to appear and bring long term results than to have the results right away and see them last a little while, isn’t it?

Persistence means continuing with training even when you have not seen the results or those days when you have no desire to work out or think you will not like the training of the day. Especially because missing sessions is not what will make the results appear.

Crossfit Training Care

Before you start doing crossfit, consult your doctor to make sure you are physically fit. Thus, you avoid suffering from any kind of injury, which not only harms your health, but also delays your physical goals.

Once you have received the doctor’s approval, look for a good box, which has trained and qualified professionals to guide you during the training. This will give you the assurance that you will be given proper guidance on how to perform each move and help if you are injured or injured.

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