Minnewa (Great Warrior)

Minnewa (Great Warrior). A half-breed Creek. In early 
life he was noted for bravery and trickery and was known as 
Hothlepoya (crazy war hunter), annually crossing the Cumber- 
land River and stealing horses from the settlers. In the war 
with our government, having formed a league with Tecumseh. 
he made a wrong disposition of his warriors, and was de- 
feated. He was opposed to any cession of land to the whites 
and through his advocacy the government was induced to parcel 
some of the land among the Creeks who were desirous of subsist- 
ing by agriculture, the same to be deeded to them after five 
years' trial. Minnewa by this means was deprived of his farm 
and he was removed with his people beyond the Mississippi.
by Abdullah Sam
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