Cornplanter (Ki-on-twog-ki).

Cornplanter (Ki-on-twog-ki). A Seneca chief, a half-breed, 
born about 1730. at Conewaugus. Genesee County. N. Y. He 
was one of the party to the treaty at Ft. Stanwix, and took part 
in other treaties, which rendered him unpopular with his people, 
and for a time his life was in danger. In 1790 he visited Phila- 
delphia to lay before George Washington the grievances of his 
people. Pennsylvania granted him 640 acres of land for his 
valuable services to the whites. It is said that in his old age 
he declared that the "Great Spirit" told him not to have anything 
more to do with the whites, not even to preserve any mementoes 
that they had given him. Impressed with this idea he burned 
the belt and broke the elegant sword that had been presented 
to him.
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