Mindset are some of the beliefs that can affect a person’s attitude. This mindset can also be in the form of a set of beliefs or beliefs that can determine the way of thinking, actions, behaviors and views held by a person towards his life now and in the future. Proverbial, mindset is wikipedia that exists in a person, because in the mindset there are many thoughts and perspectives that we have of many things in this world.


That is why, each person has a different assessment of each problem that comes into their lives. Why? because everyone has a different mindset from one another. In this case, a positive mindset is needed in our daily lives. Especially if your fellow readers want to become a rich businessman. Wow! The mindset of entrepreneurs must be truly trained and built from now on.


Then, what are the mindset needed to become a rich businessman? 

The glamorous impression inherent in entrepreneurs or business people still prevails in our society today. The profession of entrepreneur is known as one of the great and extraordinary professions. How come? They are people who pay a lot of employees, have capital, look for investors, have many clients and business partners, have a lot of experience and are not constrained by office hours.


Those are some of the glamorous images that are often imagined by many people for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, not many people want to understand that deciding to become an entrepreneur is not easy. There are many things that must be prepared such as, preparing sufficient capital, having a mature idea, looking for business partners, even the most important and most important of all is to have a strong MINDSET.


Yep! A good and positive mindset will indeed help us to achieve success. However, to become a successful entrepreneur or arguably a “rich businessman”, a good and positive mindset will not be enough. Entrepreneurs need a mature mindset and a strong mentality like steel.


In this article, we will discuss 5 mindset to be a successful rich entrepreneur . On the entrepreneur website, it is assured that any individual who can apply the five mindset below, can be ascertained their path to success in entrepreneurship will be easier. Let’s just look at the explanation below.


1. Eliminate Shyness or Prestige.

Feelings of shame are good. For example, shame for arriving late, shame not paying debts, shame for stealing, shame for lying, shame for not providing the best work, and so forth. However, excessive shame and inappropriate in place will only hamper our self-development.


“If we feel a little bit embarrassed, when can we succeed?”


The entrepreneurs and business people who succeeded in achieving success and wealth, they are people who are not prestigious, not ashamed and do not care about the scorn of others. Let us ask our readers now, “What makes a fellow reader feel ashamed and proud?”


Most likely the answer is “if I sell, what will people say?” or “my business is still too small, what will other people say later?” Mindset like this will only hold us back. In fact, as entrepreneurs we must not be shy to promote ourselves to potential business partners and prospective clients. We are also not ashamed to promote the products and services that we create.


It all starts from courage and puts aside shame . Therefore, for Career Advice colleagues who want to become a wealthy and successful businessman, from now on we will get rid of shame and prestige.


2. Have a Blazing Spirit.

The second mindset that must be owned by entrepreneurs is to continue to be enthusiastic and never give up . When we decide to become entrepreneurs, we are not the responsibility of our boss or manager anymore. However, we have responsibility for ourselves. In fact, if later our business manages to recruit many employees, we will be the one responsible for them.


Logically, the higher the responsibility we have, the sense of enthusiasm in ourselves must increase. Why? Because a great responsibility will present problems and challenges that are too big. If we don’t have high-spirited enthusiasm, we won’t be brave enough to face problems.


Only a few problems come, we already want to give up and discourage becoming an entrepreneur. Wealthy entrepreneurs who have achieved their success as they are today are not only brave and not timid, but they also always have a sense of enthusiasm that never goes out.


3. Dare to Leave Status as “Employee”.

Now we begin to enter a higher mindset to become a rich and successful entrepreneur. Shame and prestige have been successfully removed, enthusiasm and motivation are well embedded within, now is the time we dare to resign as employees in the office.


Courage and a sense of enthusiasm alone will not be enough to become an entrepreneur, other courage is needed to get there. We must be brave and ready to not receive a monthly salary again, there will be no more health insurance from the office, the usual bonus given from the boss will also disappear, work meetings with delicious dishes are also no more, and so forth.


Say goodbye to “9-5” business hours! Without this third mindset, our dreams of becoming a wealthy and successful entrepreneur will never be realized. Eits! But we must not feel happy first huh. Leaving work routine from 9 am to 5 pm does not mean that we will become more calm and be able to relax while being an entrepreneur.


Precisely this is the opposite, because being a successful entrepreneur cannot be achieved in a day and night. Maybe we will work for more than 10 hours / day, or even more than that. Relinquishing status as an “employee” means willing to give more effort and sacrifice to the business we founded from scratch.


Are your fellow readers ready with these three mindset? If it’s ready, then we can move on to the next mindset.


4. Not Shy Talking About Topics about “Money”.

Having had all three mindsets before, now is the right time to train our mindset that “money is not always a sensitive topic”. Deciding to become an entrepreneur and businessman means that we are able to talk about everything that is concerned with “money”. There are many people who really avoid this topic, because they are afraid that their relationship with others will be ruined simply because of money problems.


But, we need to remember again that being an entrepreneur and setting up a business means looking for profit or profit. We are not only trying to help solve the problems faced by our customers, but we are also looking for money and profits!


From now on, we must dare to ask for late payments from our clients or business partners, we must dare to set prices that are in line with the quality standards of our products and services, we must dare to talk about investing in front of potential investors, we must be able to use money wisely, and other things related to money.


If we are still unable or feel always afraid to talk or deal with “money”, then most likely our business will not go well.


5. I Want to Continue to Learn to Become Better.

The fifth mindset is wanting to keep learning for self-development . As we know that life always offers change, change and change. If we have a narrow mindset and don’t want to learn to adapt to existing changes, then our business will be destroyed. There have been many examples that prove that an entrepreneur must not stop learning and must always think creatively, and innovatively. The goal is that we can continue to excel and make friends with all the changes that exist.

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