Enemies are opponents, which can be either living or inanimate objects. Enemies are also often interpreted as something that threatens safety, health and causes harmful damage. The enemy is not only something we can see and feel, but the enemy can also be something we are not aware of.


When we want to achieve success , there will be many enemies who come to us. In this case, we need to be smart to select which friends and opponents. Is our enemy someone else, or even ourselves? But, is it true that we can be our biggest enemies? Well, in this article we will answer that question.


Are There Reasons to Support That the Enemies Are Ourself? 

There is one saying that often occurs in our lives, namely, “Elephants in the eyelids are not visible, germs across the ocean appear”. This proverb means that the truths committed by someone are not talked about by us but that we make very small mistakes. This proverb shows that we often focus on others, even the mistakes that other people make are often questioned.


We also often assume that other people are the cause of the failure that we face today, even though it is not necessarily true. Could be, we are the main cause of all the failures that exist. According to the website Marc and Angel, there are 5 reasons that prove that we are our biggest enemies.


1. Weak Confidence is a Dangerous Enemy.

We may feel upset when people around us do not trust us with a job or an opportunity to work. Quickly, we will think that they don’t like it if we are successful or they don’t want to share a golden opportunity with us. In fact, they do not offer a golden opportunity to us because we do not show strong beliefs in front of others.


Whether we realize it or not, we often act unconfident and always look down on ourselves. So, if we always behave like that, will other people believe in our abilities? Of course not. If we have no hope in ourselves, it is not because there is no hope, but because we do not believe there is much hope around us.


Sometimes we have to try to do what we think can’t be done. So, when we succeed in doing it, we will realize that we CAN actually do it well. All forms of success come from within yourself, because success is something that needs to be achieved. Not something that will be given free by others.


When fellow readers feel confused because they do not have strong beliefs, then the first person the peer reader needs to press is YOURSELF.


2. Constant hope is a dangerous enemy.

In life, things cannot go on and on. Change will always come and go, so that the expectations that we have also cannot be constant, will definitely change. For example, in the past maybe we would think that working as a government employee is a small job.


However, over the times, the startup business is increasingly rampant. We finally decided to set up our own startup business and become the leader of the startup. This example shows that we are trying to change our expectations according to circumstances. However, what if we still think that we should be able to work as government employees, no matter what.


When we have tried as much as possible and destiny did say another, we will feel disappointed with this fact. Not only that, we will also lose the spirit of life, demotivate and stop moving forward. As a result, we cannot become successful just because we are hampered by our own constant expectations.


3. Excessive obsession is a dangerous enemy.

We all must have an obsession, but sometimes the excessive obsession we have will backfire on its own. When we cannot fulfill an obsession that is too high, we tend to indicate it as a failure. For example, I have a goal of getting five new clients this month. However, at the end of the month I only got two new clients, while three other clients refused to cooperate with my company.


Excessive obsession made me only focus on the number of clients that I failed to get. In fact, I forgot to be grateful because there were already two clients who finally wanted to work with my company. In other words, an obsession that is too high has made me see failure everywhere, even though what I consider to be a failure is not necessarily a total failure.


Having a purpose in life is good, but when the goal has changed to excessive obsession, the obsession will turn into a dangerous enemy.


4. Too Forcing the Will is a Dangerous Enemy.

Forcing the will can also be a dangerous enemy for ourselves, even for those around us. When many coworkers, clients, business partners or customers run away from us, most likely the cause comes from ourselves.


When we force everything to go according to our will, this will only make our life more difficult. Especially if this makes other people also feel difficulties, the people around us will be reluctant to interact with us. As a result? We will be increasingly troubled to get a variety of golden opportunities.


5. Too long in the comfort zone can also be a dangerous enemy.

Unconsciously, we are too comfortable with everything we have now and are reluctant to step outside to develop ourselves. We don’t want to learn anymore, because we feel that all our skills are sufficient. We do not want to listen to customers, because we feel that the customer service provided is very good. Or, we do not want to provide new innovations , because we feel we have become the foremost. Excessive comfort will hamper our success. Nothing can push us to get out of that comfort zone, other than ourselves.

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