If there is something that stands out for the Gracey curettes of the rest, it is its specific design to adapt to a specific dental area or surface. Among the most common tools of a dentist we can find the universal curettes or Columbia, and also the Gracey curettes. These curettes   have up to 18 specific types that adapt to all curettage and scraping maneuvers.

Taking into account that each of these maneuvers requires maintaining a specific angle, the importance of the variety types that Gracey curettes present will be understood.

The manipulation of the periodontal pocket requires different angles to the movements of scraping or smoothing the root, and for each of these manipulations there is a Gracey curette .

In addition to the variety of its typology, it should be noted the sheet of these curettes , whose degree of flexibility can vary depending on the handling to be performed.


History and types of Gracey curettes

The history of Gracey curettes is a long one, and dates back to the late 1940s. Clayton Gracey, an innovative dentist, wanted to give her fellow professionals the ability to easily treat the deeper and hard-to-reach periodontal pockets without causing a traumatic gum stretch. From there, he eventually developed his idea with the founder of Hu-Friedy  and together they developed 14 of the 18 types of curettes that are known today.


The curettes Gracey standard are designed deep scraping, root planing and periodontal debridement. Thanks to the inclination of their blade they can work on the dental surface from a perfect angle, using only the lower cutting edge.


In addition to the standard Gracey curettes , they are also classified into After five, Mini five and Curvette. The After five are specific to facilitate root planing with periodontal bag are very deep. The Mini five have a half length of the standard blade and polish the root adapting to its surface. The Curvette , similar to the Mini five, adapt more precisely to the root surface thanks to its greater curvature blade.


Complementing Gracey curettes

Frequently, a Gracey curette is present among those that make up a dental implant kit, such as for hygienic treatment of prosthetic wearers on Larident or Kent Dental implants . And for sharpening and obtaining an extra thin blade you can count on the Hu-Friedy sharpening service , except for the After Five and Mine Five models. Sharpening can be obtained for double ends or single ends.

Hu-Friedy, the producer of Gracey curettes, continues to strive to improve all of its products today, and is a benchmark for dental professionals and dental clinics. Following the example of Clayton Gracey’s pioneering vision, they are largely responsible for the advances in the ontological instruments of our day, as Gracey curettes show perfectly .


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