Public Relations is an effort that is carried out individually or in groups and is carried out regularly and planned to build and maintain reciprocal relationships between an organization or company to people associated with this institution. In other words, public relations is a process, action or activity that is carried out periodically with the aim of establishing communication between the company and external parties that are still related to the company. For example, clients, business partners, customers, investors and so on.


What is the definition of public relations according to experts? According to Maria, public relations is an interaction that can produce public opinion as a beneficial input for the parties involved and public relations is a professional profession in their field. Meanwhile, according to Jefkins, public relations is a form of communication carried out by companies to create a good public image by holding new activities that are beneficial and interesting to other companies or people concerned with our company’s business.


This indicates that the public relations and public relations functions are very important for the company’s success. Then, how does the public relations function according to experts? The function of public relations according to Rosady Ruslan is to create a good and positive company image for the external public, the public and consumers. In addition, according to Jefkins, public relations serves to improve the ability and resilience of the company from competition with other competitors . From this explanation, Jefkins also believes that the scope of public relations is very broad.


In what ways can we maximize the function of public relations? 

In this article we will discuss about how a company can maximize the function of existing public relations so that the company’s positive image will be more widespread among other companies, as well as among non-companies. The first step we need to do to improve the function of public relations is to understand the basics of public relations.


Public Relations Basics

Public Relations is an important platform so that people can know the results of achievements that have an organization or company. This news dissemination is wrapped up in the form of interaction, communication or relationship between the company concerned and other companies that have the same interests. So that public relations made by a company can be accepted and recognized by many people, it is not uncommon for them to start searching for tactics from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so that it can produce posts, information, messages and news that occupy the top positions on Google.


Employees who work in the field of public relations do need to rack their brains as creatively as possible so that the audience, target consumers or even customers will increasingly like and be interested in all the products or services offered by the company. In addition, this is related to the most important benefits of public relations, namely, can encourage many people to want to know our company more deeply and better. If this is achieved well, then this indicates that public relations has brought an element of success to the company .


The public relations function that runs as fast as possible will go fast like jet fuel, so the name of the company will skyrocket in a short time. So, we can imagine if public relations do not carry out their functions seriously, companies will certainly find it difficult to become a company that is known among clients, customers, business partners and the wider community.


It needs to be recognized that it is not easy for public relations to build an extraordinary positive image in the eyes of many people. To achieve this, public relations can take years to create unique and creative content for a company website or blog, so that it can attract millions of readers each month. In addition, public relations must also work harder and be more creative so that the content, information and messages they convey will not be rivaled by competitors.


C’mon, Maximize the Function of Public Relations in This Way!

Typically, employees in the field of public relations will focus on making advertisements that can raise the good name of their company. However, the public or the public will be more confident with what is included in the news, information or formal content. For most people, advertising is just a form of promotion that forms a positive corporate image. In fact, the company’s image is not necessarily the same as that conveyed through advertisements. Reporting from the dot com entrepreneur website, there are two things we can do to maximize the function of public relations, which both of these tips focus on content rather than just advertising. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Write Inspirational Content.

As we discussed briefly above that the content will attract more people than publishing advertisements. Content has emotional strength that can attract the attention and focus of our customers, audiences and other parties concerned with our company. What kind of content will win the hearts of many people? The answer is inspirational content.


So we can create inspirational content, we can start by sharing success stories, both personal and group stories. Public relations can begin by telling success stories from CEOs or founders of the company by remembering the story of how they founded the company from zero to be as successful as it is today. Readers and listeners will be far more interested in inspirational stories like this.


2. There are no shortcuts.

Despite the effort to look for strategic words we can get through the use of SEO, but still there are no shortcuts in the business! In this case, public relations must try harder in writing press releases, articles, doing coverage and other forms of work that can maximize the function of public relations. There are no shortcuts to success, don’t be easily satisfied because even well-known companies should not be careless to stop maximizing the performance of their public relations.


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