Job search is an English term for job search that we often hear, maybe even we often do. Actually, what is meant by the job search itself? Job search is a process carried out by individuals of productive age to get jobs in accordance with what they expect. Job search occurs because of the “Divisions of Labor” in the community, where the skills (talents) and interests that each person has will not be the same, so they must find a profession that is in line with their respective talents and interests.


People who are in the process of looking for work will definitely check the vacancies spread across various platforms on a regular basis. They will also try various ways to get jobs on the internet. In fact, not a few job seekers who dabble in the experience of taking part in job fairs in various regions.


How to do a successful job search? 

We believe almost everyone recognizes that looking for work is not an easy process. In fact, most of us also do not understand about the kind of work we want to find, how to find companies that fit our skills, and so on. Do you know, colleagues, this ignorance will actually make our job search process more difficult. Therefore, we really need strategies that are right and suitable to make our job search process even easier.


According to the website the balance careers dot com, there are 10 strategies for successful job search as an easy way to get a job that we can apply from now on. What do you think about that? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Know Your Dream Company and Become Someone Unique.

The first strategy in finding a job is to find out the dream company that we want. This will make it easier for us to practice and adjust as the company image of our dreams. So, indirectly we are preparing to deserve to be elected in the company. We also need to remember that there will certainly be hundreds or even thousands of people who want to be selected as employees of the company. Now to win this super tight competition, we need to find out the ins and outs of the company, especially about the work culture in the company, as well as the characteristics of the ideal employees they expect.


When we know it, we need to prepare ourselves to be what they expect. So, do your fellow readers already know which company is your career dream ? If you don’t know, let’s find out from now.


2. Use the Right Job Search Platform.

After knowing our dream company, now is the time to implement the second strategy, which is to find work from the right job search platform. Are there fellow readers who are still looking for job openings in the newspaper? Perhaps the effective method that is more often used in this modern era is to find work through an online platform.


If we do a job search online, then the thing that needs to be ensured is that we have used keywords or keywords that are in accordance with our professional interests and the work location that we want. Although the number of job seekers is very large, the job vacancies offered are also very large and wide. So to save our time and energy, then we need to do a specific job search by focusing our work interests.


3. Try Reviewing Resumes and Job Application Letters that We Make.

The third strategy in job search is to focus on important documents that we will provide to recruiters. The question is, is it OK if we apply for a job with a resume that we used two years ago? The answer, of course not. That is why it is important for us to check the relevance of resumes and job application letters that we will submit to recruiters. Try to pay attention to the words we use in resumes and cover letters, replace with recent photos, include the work experience we have recently, if there is a gap in the year on our resume, try to explain why and what activities we do during that period, and so on.

In addition, we also need to take the time to write a resume by including specific criteria as desired by our dream company. That way, we will have a higher chance of being called into the interview session and trying to get a job at the company.


4. Beautify Our Social Media Become A Professional Account.

There is no harm in calling for excitement in our social media accounts, but we need to pay attention to the words we use and the photos we upload there. We need to remember that technological developments have made it easier for many people to keep our digital track records. Therefore, we need to enhance our social media accounts to make them look more professional and attract the attention of recruiters.


5. Quickly Find Jobs in Companies that Need Employees.

If the fellow reader feels okay not to work in a dream company, in other words “the important thing is to work, so there is work experience first”. Well, this fifth strategy is perfect for colleagues to apply.


We suggest that fellow readers find out which companies are in dire need of labor. Thus, the chances of fellow readers to get a job will be even higher.


6. Maximize the Network that We Have.

Having a network as much as possible is still a mainstay strategy for many people. They are confident that a great network will help them towards the dream job. This strategy encourages us to want to open ourselves to get to know people and interact well with them. Keep contact with them! because we will never know which contacts will lead us to success. Another way we can apply is to join the LinkedIn Group, so we have quick access to the job listings posted to the Group.


7. Show Yourself in the Social World.

This seventh strategy aims to make it easier for recruiters to find us online or in cyberspace. How? We can actively participate in seminars or conferences and write all important information in the professional meeting, make the information that you have in the form of articles or journals, and post the results of his writings. Recruiters will feel happy with the active participation that we have, especially if the participation is related to the industry or the field of work that we are involved in. That way, we will look more expert.


8. Give Our Best Effort When the Interview Session Goes.

Are you invited to an interview session? Congratulations! This is a sign that your fellow readers have passed the initial set of strategies that your fellow readers need to do. The interview session is a golden opportunity that we can maximize, so don’t waste this opportunity!


Make sure that we have spent enough time to conduct small-scale research to find out about the history, criteria and work culture of the company concerned. So, we can answer interview questions well and according to company expectations (but, make sure we don’t lie, huh!). In addition, we also need to prepare the right clothes, formal and polite, practice answering questions, think of what questions will be asked, honing confidence, and so forth.


9. Follow Up or Follow Up After the Interview.

Fellow readers have successfully completed the interview session well and returned home, now don’t forget to implement this ninth strategy huh. This 9th Strategy advises us to follow up by saying:

“Dear Mr / Mrs,

Thank you for the interview opportunity that has been given by your company to me. I am waiting for the continuation of the results of the interview that we conducted this afternoon at 13:00 WIB, and I hope to be able to join and contribute with you and your team “.


10. Not Giving Up in the Job Search Process.

Yep! This is the 10th strategy, the last strategy we need to implement in order to be successful in the job search process. When we are not successful in one job opening, then we must remain persistent in applying for other job openings.


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