Who was Mary Magdalene? Did she marry Jesus?

Mary Magdalene was a follower of Jesus. She helped to support Jesus during his ministry. Mary Magdalene became known for being the first person who saw Jesus after he was resurrected . She did not marry Jesus or have a relationship with him other than a follower.

Jesus devoted himself full time to his ministry. He had no other job, to give him money. He and the apostles lived on the offerings of other followers. Much financial help came from wealthy women, including Mary Magdalene, from whom Jesus had cast out seven demons ( Luke 8: 1-3 ).

Mary Magdalene and the Resurrection of Jesus

Mary Magdalene, along with other women, followed Jesus wherever he went to preach. She was present when he was crucified, wept over his death and saw where he was buried ( Mark 15: 40-41 ). On Sunday, Mary Magdalene was one of the women who went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus .

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Arriving at the tomb, Mary Magdalene saw that it was open and the body of Jesus was not there. An angel appeared and told Mary Magdalene and the other women that Jesus had been resurrected ( Matthew 28: 5-7 ). They then went to tell the apostles.

Pedro and João decided to go and see the empty tomb. Mary Magdalene went with them and stayed behind, crying, when they left. Then someone came to her and asked why she was crying. Thinking she was the gardener, Mary Magdalene explained that someone had stolen Jesus’ body. The man called Mary by name and she looked at him and saw that it was Jesus! – John 20: 15-16

Mary Magdalene, full of surprise, clung to Jesus’ feet. He gave Mary Magdalene the mission to tell the disciples that he was alive ( John 20: 17-18 ). Mary fulfilled her mission, but at first the disciples did not believe her and other women’s reports. Then, when Jesus appeared to them, the disciples saw that it was true.

The Bible says nothing more about the life of Mary Magdalene.

Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute?

The Bible does not say that she was a prostitute. It just says that Jesus cast seven demons out of it. Over time, some people mixed the story of Mary Magdalene with the story of the sinful woman who anointed Jesus and the adulterous woman Jesus forgave. But there is no reason in the Bible to believe that they were all the same person. Mary Magdalene was not the only woman who followed Jesus.

Did Mary Magdalene marry Jesus?

No, Mary Magdalene did not marry Jesus. Other relatives of Jesus are mentioned and she would certainly have more relevance in the Bible if she were his wife. When she saw Jesus, Mary Magdalene called him Master (or Teacher), not husband!

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There were many women named Maria and, to differentiate them, it was said with whom they were married, who their children were or where they came from. If Mary were Jesus’ wife, that would be the best way to differentiate her. But she became known as Magdalene, because she came from a place called Magdala. There was certainly more than one Maria in Magdala.

Legends about her marriage came much later, with stories made up by people who never knew Mary Magdalene, Jesus, or anyone close to anyone in the Bible.

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