Who was Sarah in the Bible?

Sarah was Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother. Together with Abraham, she became the matriarch of the Jewish people. Sarah was known for her faith in God and her support for Abraham.

When Abraham obeyed God and left his city to go to the promised land, he took his wife Sarah with him. At that time they were called Abram and Sarai. Even though she was 65 years old, Sarai accepted her husband’s decision and accompanied him, living in tents for the rest of her life.

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A very beaultiful woman

Sarai was very beautiful, and when they went to Egypt, Abram was afraid that the Egyptians would kill him to be with his wife. That’s why they pretended to be brothers ( Genesis 12: 11-13 ). Pharaoh liked Sarai and took her to his palace but God revealed to Pharaoh that she was Abraham’s wife. Pharaoh did not like being deceived and sent Abram and Sarai away from Egypt.

Years later, they did the same thing among the people of Gerar. Abimelech, the king of Gerar, took Sarah to be his wife but, again, God revealed to her that she was the wife of Abraham. Abimelech rebuked Abraham for lying and almost bringing disgrace on his people ( Genesis 20: 9 ). Abimelech did not touch Sara and she returned safely to her husband.

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A son for Abram

Ten years after God first promised Abram a land and many descendants, He repeated the promise, ensuring that Abram would have a son. But God had said nothing about Sarai being the mother. So Sarai thought he should provide Abram with another wife to have a child, according to the custom of the time ( Genesis 16: 1-3 ).

Sarai handed over her slave Hagar to marry Abram and Hagar became pregnant. But Hagar came to despise Sarai and, in response, Sarai mistreated Hagar ( Genesis 16: 5-6 ). Sarai did not find the joy he expected in Ishmael, son of Hagar.

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Sara becomes a mother

When Abram was 99 years old, God spoke to him again and told him that his heir would be the son of Sarai, who would now be called Sara (meaning princess). A little later, God repeated this promise when three angels of the Lord appeared near his tent. Sara, who was nearby, heard and laughed, thinking this was impossible ( Genesis 18: 12-14 ). But God assured her that she would have a child, and the following spring she gave birth to Isaac.

Sara was very happy to be a mother after so long ( Genesis 21: 6-7 ). But when she saw teenager Ishmael laughing at Isaac, she didn’t like it and wanted to send Ishmael and her mother away. Abraham did not want to expel his son but God told him to comply with Sarah’s request, because Isaac would be his heir . But God promised to take care of Ishmael.

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Sara made some mistakes in her life but she believed in God and was always faithful to her husband. She accompanied Abraham on his travels and treated him with respect ( 1 Peter 3: 5-6 ). After the initial doubt, Sara believed that God would give her a son. Even though he was barren, Abraham loved Sarah very much and did not abandon her. When Sarah died, Abraham and Isaac were very sad. The only property that Abraham bought in his life was the place to bury his beloved wife Sarah ( Genesis 23: 19-20 ).

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