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The Marketing Management literally translated is marketing management and sticking to the definition of Wikipedia: Marketing management is the process of developing strategies and planning products or services, advertising, promotions, sales to reach segment desired customers.

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What you should know about Digital Marketing Management to lead your projects to success


The Marketing Management literally translated is marketing management and sticking to the definition of Wikipedia: Marketing management is the process of developing strategies and planning products or services, advertising, promotions, sales to reach segment desired customers.

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The translation can be: Address marketing, management marketing and administration of marketing.

In the definition closest to a management profile , we could say that it is the process or development of marketing strategies and their planning.

And in management, it would be the review and monitoring of the company’s marketing activities.

In this post I am going to go beyond the definition and I will deal with the topic related to the digital part, it is practically the same but in an environment of life and digital company Vs analog or traditional.

There is a lot of talk about global marketing management, digital and online marketing projects, I assure you that there are very few new things although everything is reinvented.

You will see it clearly only with the following sample, there are several quotes from two references that I have been reading and re-reading almost all my professional life, mix them with each other as you want and decide for yourself:


Peter Drucker, father of modern management. Most influential thinker and writer in the field of business, business administration. He said among others:

  • Strategy is comfort, execution is an art.
  • The goal of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits and sells itself.
  • Businesses only have two functions: marketing and innovation.


Philip Kotler, the world’s greatest authority and father of modern marketing, recognized as the world’s leading expert in the strategic practice of marketing. He has said among others:

  • An increasing portion of modern marketing is moving from the market to cyberspace.
  • The marketing organization will have to redefine its role, no longer managing customer interactions, but integrating all of the company’s customer-related processes.
  • Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than on the power of sales.


Anyway, I could be reciting pages and pages, but it is not necessary, is it clear?

The digital marketing , is one of the vehicles most important now has to promote products and services as it is the best means by which companies can make people find an item, are looking for him or not meet your needs .

A good digital marketing consultant to propose the right strategy for us, managed to increase the revenues of the company if managed well this strategy.

This whole process can be considered complicated, but the truth is that if the necessary techniques and recommendations are taken into account, it is certain that excellent results will be obtained.


You can also see more about the consultant’s skills.
Take a look – you can read the entire article here.



Index of contents

  • What you should know about Digital Marketing Management to lead your projects to success
  • What is Marketing Management in charge of – Definition
  • Why Marketing Manager Is Important and Using Strategy Today
  • Other advantages that can be obtained from Marketing Management
    • The increase in recurring sales is the consequence of customer loyalty.
    • Online marketing allows you to create a community.
  • What tasks does a marketing manager perform during digital marketing consulting?
    • The main task in marketing management is consulting, in different areas.
  • Skills to have for effective digital marketing management
  • Digital Marketing Management in stages
  • Current Digital Marketing Management



What is Marketing Management in charge of – Definition



Both in the analogue world and in the most current digitized scenario, we can basically say that marketing management is in charge of implementing, analyzing, planning and controlling systems, in order to build and maintain profit exchanges with the people who purchase the products. of a certain company.

It is the main sales link, so it should always be in the best condition.


In this sense, online marketing makes use of channels such as social networks and all digital media with the aim of improving the commerce of a product or service.

All this largely derives from traditional marketing and promotion techniques, being today an updated complement that we include as a Digital Marketing Plan, within or not, of the Marketing Plan of our companies.



Why Marketing Manager Is Important and Using Strategy Today



Well the answer is very interesting for its simplicity.

The great advantage and importance of digital marketing management comes from the fact that the success of the strategy and actions can be measured in a timely and concrete way.

In other words:
Control is much easier than in traditional marketing actions, since the metrics and statistics we implement to control what we do easily indicate whether the results are being satisfactorily obtained or not.

On the other hand, digital marketing consulting is completely customizable, and the manager of your digital marketing plans can bring your company’s information to the customer at very low cost.

This allows all people to be satisfied in a direct and natural way, which gives confidence and security, something very convenient in the exchange and acquisition of goods and services.

Also, effective digital marketing management allows any company to be fully satisfied. People search the internet for any product or service before successfully purchasing it, which is why these actions are so necessary.



Other advantages that can be obtained from Marketing Management



With good online marketing management , it is also possible to increase the number of potential customers, and retain those who have previously consumed a product or service of the company.

This attracts any possibility of purchase, since the sale through online advertising is always an effective means and with quick results.


The increase in recurring sales is the consequence of customer loyalty.

  • Many of the users are in the digital world, so once added to interest lists for products and services, it is more than certain that a higher level of income will be obtained if we manage those lists of possible interested parties well.


Online marketing allows you to create a community.

  • This will be able to generate a link between company and clients, where emotions and interests are a priority, seeking to satisfy any need expressed by the community. This is a powerful channel, which makes positioning quick and easy.


One of the most important benefits of good digital marketing management is that you can experience it, without fear of losing all the progress that has been made to date.

In front of a product or service that is outstanding, all the strategies can be executed quickly, and they are modified in real time, optimizing the results obtained, in order to improve the scope and response capacity of current or potential clients.



What tasks does a marketing manager perform during digital marketing consulting?



Broadly speaking, although today I will not go into detail about all of them are:

  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analysis of the clientele
  • Initial diagnostic
  • Determination of strategies
  • Creation of the Action Plan

The professional in charge of online marketing management , also called Digital Marketing Manager, requires a large number of skills and attitudes that allow the proper performance of their work.

This is linked to the functions and responsibilities that must be fulfilled, so you will know them in depth below , attentive!


The main task in marketing management is consulting, in different areas.


  • One of them is the automation of processesthat allow the management and acquisition of new clients.
    This allows resources to be profitable in a minimum time frame and to cover a large space in regards to the community, ensuring a correct flow of work and information, internally and externally to the public.


  • In turn, digital marketing is focused on researchingtrends, sectors and issues in the virtual landscape.
    One way to do it easily is to demonstrate how a company through its history and experience can solve the problems that occur to a specific sector of the population, this adds a very relevant value within the market, and gives it a privileged and positive position. , never seen before.


  • One of the important characteristics that the marketing manager hasis his advice in the formation of work teams . These management actions allow time to be an ally, and allow the company to execute the actions that benefit it as soon as possible, and this is achieved through the formation of specific work areas.


  • The management of digital marketing, is never complete if you do not have the strategic plans made by professionals.
    These are made up of different digital marketing actions, all grouped into a cluster of processes, functions and resources, with manuals that facilitate the implementation at a given moment and always seeking to evaluate the results.


Therefore, once these actions and strategies have been executed, a follow-up of the digital marketing consultant is applied, supervising the results.

In this case, special attention is paid to all the new problems that arise, thus seeking to improve the plan that was previously held with elements adapted to the new scenario and improving existing ones.

The goal of all this is to have a quality scope, with a determined objectivity, and high levels of income.



Skills to have for effective digital marketing management



People who use marketing management , as we have already mentioned, need certain skills that will allow them to achieve all the objectives that a company sets in a given time.

Once gathered, it is time to start applying the strategies, and you will see how the statistics of your evolution are placed at the top of the monitoring charts.


  • Digital marketing and optimism

The entire team in charge of carrying out online marketing techniques must have an incredible relationship with all the people involved in this area.

Motivation and alignment of ideas and objectives allows for better results, and this is optimized by identifying with the client, experiencing their needs and creating solutions.


  • Teamwork within the digital marketing consulting is essential

The marketing management is characterized by various teams, which are used in different activities with the same goal.

Assessing the effort of each one of them is of vital importance, and this will be demonstrated at the end of the journey when the results are seen.


  • Communication and interaction skills in digital marketing management

In this case, it is vitally important that the team is able to interact with all people, and that their opinions are taken into account.

They are present in all product development processes, therefore improving responsiveness in multiple standards.


  • Creativity and strategy in marketing management

A correct marketing management must take into account 2 elements.

The first stands out for the opportunity to make new proposals, and the second for the ability to try new ideas, being realistic and determining the impact that is caused.

The use of digital marketing requires constant updating, this allows the results to be maintained over time. Managing figures and analyzing them is a priority in such cases.


  • Versatility in digital marketing

As I mentioned, online marketing is constantly evolving.

For this reason, it is required that the team is in a state of alert, and is able to stay ahead of all trends, this is achieved by studying the demand and making the appropriate changes, which allow it to be up to date with the needs of the community.



Digital Marketing Management in stages



The marketing management can divide it into stages of equal importance, and if met successfully achieve the greatest benefits of getting promotions in a particular company.

Then you will meet each of them, and you can incorporate them into your strategy in a satisfactory way.

  1. The first stage of digital marketingis focused on the product or service that is expected to be promoted.
    It has a two-way communication and all the ideas that are extracted from the communication with the potential clients, must turn around what it is aspired to sell, seeking to satisfy basic needs from a simple point of view.
    Traditional media like Google searches, social media and tools like polls, questions and answers from forums will not provide the information we need.


  1. The second stage is with the objective of capturing the client from an emotional point of view.
    The online marketingin this case learn much more about people who are interested in a particular product, and can be used databases users and customers, making it easy to offer them a different service abysmal, with incredible attention for the user.


  1. The third level of digital marketing managementis very rare, but it is where the greatest results are achieved from the moment we observe well the answers to the questions that we launch in the product studies.
    These actions focus on adding to products and services the importance of care and benefit for the user, society and the entire planet.
    In this type of non-aggressive marketing, in addition to selling the product, the added value is explained in the face of the great challenges that customers present.


It focuses on understanding consumers, since the economic and ecological problems of society seek to remedy this type of marketing.

This takes marketing to a new level, which you will learn about below.



Current Digital Marketing Management



Full digitization is the new concept that is being promoted today, and that it seeks to develop rapidly as far as possible, even with great support from the administrations.

This phase focuses on the digital economy, where connectivity is the most relevant thing that exists.

The practice of marketing has endless opportunities with the incorporation of new technologies, so the impact of global digitization on our plans and strategies should never be ruled out.

In this case, it can be said that connectivity takes an essential role in online marketing , since customers start by being aware of the product, it attracts them, they question them observing its advantages, they buy it and end the tour recommending the service they just finished acquire.

It is repeated with each individual, so the effectiveness and evidence of a good job can be easily verified by monitoring our KPIs.

Today, the client has control over the results of our actions and   digital marketing , since people have more communication between them.


“Brands today are what users want them to be.”


The nature of the strategies changes using segmentation, where a product that meets the needs of customers is displayed, incorporating a personal and relevant message , allowing them to feel privileged and satisfied with what they offer.

Of course, it must be remembered that the different strategies have fundamental elements that must be taken into account when applying them from marketing management , thus seeking the viability of their application and verifying whether positive results will be obtained for the company.

They are as follows:

  • Product convenience

Every company should be focused on the objective that customers buy from the brand, not the product.
This is accomplished after the purchase process becomes a good user experience, with simple, easy, and quick actions to execute. Technology makes movements and transformations vary, and the collective interest is quickly captured.


  • cost

This is based on market demand, and requires observation from the point of view of potential customers.
This facilitates the creation of affordable pricing strategies and observing the profitability of the company before a large group of stakeholders, elements such as historical patterns, location, proximity and urgency are taken into account, so advertising must be quite attractive.


  • Client

It is necessary to offer a product that meets the customer’s needs, so it is necessary to know them.
At the stage of ideation and creation of businesses or products, the success of future strategies can be improved if they meet the demands of the community that is reached quite easily.


  • Communication

Interaction has great value within online marketing , since customers promote the advantages and benefits of the product and service they are seeking to sell.
In changing and growing stages, companies must quickly learn from users and carry out promotions tailored and accurate for the customer and the moment.


Now that you know a lot about marketing management , it is time to apply it in your company.


You will notice how the changes happen a few days after taking into account all these suggestions that I leave you!


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