How Many Feet Are In An Acre?

An acre is defined as a unit of land measurement that provides an area commonly used in the United States and imperial systems. An acre of land is further described as the area of ​​a chain-length arm that measures 660 feet by 66 feet which are exactly equivalent to 1/640 of a square mile, about 40% of a hectare, 43,560 square feet ( or 4.047 square meters). The global symbol used to indicate an acre is ac, and the international acre is the commonly used measure. In the United States, both international and American acres are widely used.

Product description

One acre is equivalent to 43.560 square feet, 4.047 square meters, 4.840 square yards or 0.0015625 square miles. Although the current variant of the acre has square pitches 4,840, there are various descriptions of an acre, and therefore, the precise size of a particular acre depends on which yard is based. Initially, one acre was accepted as a land selion measuring 660 ft long and 66 ft wide. An square square of acre 1 is estimated at 208 ft 9 inches or 69.57 meters on each side. There is no definite form of an acre and therefore any measure of the area that gives 43.560 sq ft qualifies as an acre.

Differences between US and international surveys

In 1959, the United States and five other Commonwealth nations agreed on an international agreement on shipyards that states that an international square is equivalent to 3 feet (0.9144 meters). The international acre is subsequently equal to 43560 square feet (4.046.856 422 4 square meters). The US Survey and the international acre consist of construction sites 4,840; however, there are different meanings of a construction site. The acre of the US survey is approximately equal to 43.560.174240522719629 square feet (4.046.872 609 874 252 square meters), and its precise value as defined by Mendenhall Order is based on a thumb, and is given exactly by the meter 1 = 39.37 inches . Inspectors practicing in the United States use both the survey and measurements of international acres. The difference between the two acre alternatives is approximately 24.8 square inches, which is equivalent to an A4 size card, and mostly it is not significant. The areas are rarely measured with extreme precision so that the two measurements are detectable.


The acre was previously the amount of land that could be cultivated by a yoke of oxen in a single day. Many nations in Europe have made use of their official acre before the implementation of the metric system. The values ​​of the statutory acres were introduced in England and subsequently the United Kingdom by various acts. Historically, the size of farm traces in the UK was typically expressed in hectares even though the number of acres was so large that it would have been convenient to transport them in square miles. 640 acres make up a square mile.

Equivalent to other area units

One acre can be converted into numerous other area units. One international acre is equivalent to 43.560 square feet (4.046.8564224 square meters) and 0.40468564224 hectares. One acre of US surveys, on the other hand, is equivalent to 43560.1742418763 square feet (4.046.87261 square meters) and 0.404687261 hectares. One acre is also equivalent to 4,840 yards; four shots; Square chains 10; 160 square bars; 160 perches.

Countries that use the acre

Acre is commonly used in the United States, Jamaica, Ghana, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, US Virgin Islands, Bangladesh, Guam, Samoa, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Nepal, Canada and Dominica.

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