How to do a conversion from feet to meters in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet that you can use for free , it is something similar to the Excel sheet, but more updated and with many more tools and functions that will help you to prepare your work.

Also once you finish your work you can share it in the cloud and other users can collaborate on the work done, even if you want you can use the convert function in excel such as from feet to meters or to the unit you want to convert . If you are interested in learning more about how you can use this spreadsheet, follow this guide.

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  1. What method to use in Google Sheets spreadsheets to perform measure conversions?
  2. What is the equivalent of one foot in meters?
  3. How to convert feet to meters in Google Sheets?
    1. Using specific formulas
    2. With the ‘convert’ function
    3. Performing the multiplication manually
  4. Online pages to convert from feet to meters

What method to use in Google Sheets spreadsheets to perform measure conversions?

The Google Sheets sheet was designed so that the user could manage it in an easier way, because with the tools it offers you can choose the method you want to execute the conversions. In this spreadsheet there is a list in which you can see the number of conversions that are available so that you can do the conversions, it will be up to the user which method is more feasible for their work.


It should be noted that in this same spreadsheet you can separate first and last name , it is a way for you to realize that you can not only use Google Sheets for conversions , but you can use it for other functions.

What is the equivalent of one foot in meters?

In case you have any questions about knowing the exact value of the foot to meter conversion, it is very easy, because you can use the same Google Chrome browser and look for the answer, since in the Google search engine you can put way of asking what this measurement is equivalent to, but to clarify your doubt and save you a bit of this search, one foot is equivalent to 0.3048 meters.

How to convert feet to meters in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is no exception when it comes to conversions, so there is already a function that is included in this spreadsheet and you can make the conversion you want.

On this occasion you are interested in converting from feet to meters and you can do it with the real formula that the same spreadsheet offers you, you can also convert from feet to meters with division and multiplication.

Using specific formulas

One of the formulas that you can use for the conversion is multiplication and division, you can place it in the function bar to be able to do the conversion.

An example of this would be that in the Google Sheets spreadsheet you select a cell and enter the values, identifying either the multiplication and the division, the results will be reflected at the same time that you enter the values.

With the ‘convert’ function

With this function you are going to convert a value into a different unit , all you have to do is enter the value you need to know so that it gives you the result with the exact quantity already converted, you will find this function in the spreadsheet of Google Sheets is very easy to use, you just have to know in which units you are going to want the conversion.

Performing the multiplication manually

With the multiplication method you can enter more than two numbers , what you must do is choose the cells where you are going to place each of the numbers to which you want to get the result, in this case you would put the values ​​for the conversion from feet to meters.

As curious facts about Google Sheets, did you know that you can set reminders when using the spreadsheet to make it easier for you to work, but for that you must install an extension to make this possible, just by entering your email it would be already being configured for activate the reminders, you can also convert or import CSV files to Google Sheets and that way the files will be opening in the spreadsheet.

Online pages to convert from feet to meters

On the internet you will find many pages with which you can make the conversions from feet to meters or the unit you want, in case you do not want to use the Google Sheets spreadsheet, in any way you will always get one page to make this type of conversion, you just have to place what you want to convert in the search engine and you will get many options and you will choose the one of your preference.


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