Manager Attributes

Any organization is institutionalized by virtue of its manpower ability or ability. It does not gain its institutional form when it is formed. When an organization is fully self-sufficient in its own management under its own rules, then its institutional form can only be achieved. The person will come, the person will go, but the organization will run at its own pace. It can be institutionalized on the basis of the stability and continuity of the organization.

This requires a fruitful management. The management that relies on the guinea manager, from this point forward, has the highest priority. Depending on the manager, an organization gets institutionalized.

The qualities of the manager are revealed in his method of management. Based on his qualities, he developed a management system. In order to create effective management practices, good managers need to have the following qualities:


One of the manager’s qualities is to spread hope within the manpower. Finding the good aspects of what is desired or happening is to accept it. Besides, from there, the hope of spreading hope and spreading hope among others is the way forward for the next day’s development. It is possible to believe that whatever is going on can be developed in the future. A positive attitude will be revealed in him.

Awareness of society

Neglecting something, implementing a task or decision immediately or without wasting time. It is the duty of a manager to take appropriate action whenever he needs it.

Delaying a decision or task means having a negative view of that action or decision. In many cases, delaying the work does not mean execution. So any good manager has to be aware of the time.


One of the qualities of a manager is to be legal Each organization has its own set of laws. The manager will be a legal person who is knowledgeable of the state, social, religious and international law that is relevant to the organization and necessary. You will be excited to receive new news regarding any amendments or additions to the laws that are required of the organization.

We have to see if the law is being used properly with the legislation. If necessary, the law-making system should explain the institutional laws to the manpower so that they can learn to respect the law and are interested in protecting the law.


A good manager will provide leadership in a democratic way. This democratic leadership, however, is not a system governed by a faulty system, but for the unconscious. Keeping in mind the difficulties of democracy, his leadership will reveal the true democratic practices.

His leadership will remain unmatched by the qualities of a democratic leader, such as acting in consultation, giving importance to opinions, explaining events, explaining decisions, assigning rules for benefit to everyone, etc.

He will play a role in developing leadership in the second row, so that manpower can be taught to imitate his leadership. If such leadership is expanded within the people, they will have the opportunity to provide leadership in their institutional work, even in the family and the larger society. One of them will have the opportunity to create good democratic behavior through the leadership of a good manager.

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The practice of honesty

The greatness of truth is to expose everyone to the practice of honesty through various manifestations and proofs. The manager has to be interested in providing assistance by taking such measures so that the manpower can pursue spirituality based on the basic consciousness of their religion.

Neither soft nor soft

Under no circumstances should a manager make a difficult behavior or decision, as he would not express. In the middle of these two forms the manager will manage his management.

Sometimes he has to have an iron bar wrapped in Velvet’s cloth, which is as hard as an iron rod from the top but should be similar to Velvet’s cloth in terms of behavior.

Don’t feel guilty

Do not think someone is guilty of unnecessary suspicion, or even a manager who does not engage in something unprofessional.

The manager’s view would be the same for everyone. The manager will not have the tendency to blame or doubt the new excuse for what happened.

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