What is the benefit of keeping the responsibilities in the organization secure?

Often times, in an organization, all responsibilities are conferred on a specific person. For that reason no work is done in that establishment without the permission of the person. Again, the person specified does not want to be subordinate to anyone else.

It seeks to stop the pace of institutional work. In all these areas, after a lot of hard work, there is no definite benefit. Human resource development or management is a huge success in solving such problems.

By giving an analogy, it is clear to you that the responsibility of securing the responsibility of the establishment is clear.

Analogy: An emergency meeting of the highest level officials of a renowned organization is underway. The office cook looks for them to make coffee, a snake in the kitchen. She came out of fear and informed other employees.

They advised to inform Caretaker. When the care taker was informed, he asked the office secretary for permission to use him for snake bites.

When told to the office secretary, he said that the administrative officer had asked the care taker to arrange the video and projector so he would have to get permission from the administrative officer to use him for other tasks.

When the administrative officer was told about the snake, he stood in front of the meeting room, hoping to get the executive officer’s permission.

Announcing tea breaks at the meeting, when the executive officer left the meeting room, the administrative officer informed him of the snake. He was furious and took the stick and headed towards the kitchen.

At that time, the other employees went to their desk and got busy with their work.

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What will we comment about the organization from this event? Everyone is aware of the responsibility, responsibility, isn’t it? But they lack leadership.

If human resource development is present in the organization, the employees of the organization will have the interest, commitment, leadership qualities along with other qualities. So that the employees could assist Babucci in carrying out the task of killing the snake under his leadership.


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