Management is a process

Management is a process by which a company creates, manages, and manages a purposeful organization in a cohesive, collaborative and coordinated effort.

According to George R. Terry, author of the book Principles of Management, “management is a process that is performed by planning, working, implementing and controlling and executing it.”

Management is a process and consists of three aspects

2. Management is a social process

Human beings are the most important of the best organisms and other factors, so management is concerned with developing relationships between people.

Management’s mission is to work with skilled and useful people to achieve organizational goals. This process involves prioritizing qualified staff and making skilled workers ineligible.

2. Management is an integrated process

To achieve the main purpose of management, people have to work together in physical and financial resources. Working in harmony is part of the process to achieve maximum results.

It also plays an important role in bringing harmony between different times and different tasks. One of the main objectives of management is to make the owner profitable and at the same time increase the benefits of the employees. Moreover, creating a healthy work environment.

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2. Management is a seamless process

Management is a never-ending process. It will identify the persistent problems of an organization and, with adequate steps, will solve the problem. This is an ongoing process.

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