To do business, you need to know what is management or management

What is management? The English word management (management) means Bengali management Management or management is a public event. This is a very popular and widely used term for management.

Those involved in management or management: Business, political, cultural or social organizations are all involved in management. Because it directs an organization, manages it differently, and at the same time helps to actualize different efforts for a specific purpose.

Who says about management or management?

According to Harold Kuntz, a professor of business management at the University of California, a consultant to one of America’s largest business organizations, management is an industry of formally organized media and working with people. He also called management a work environment .

According to FW Taylor, author of the American Mechanical Engineer and author of The Principles of Scientific Management, “the industry’s name management knows what to do, when to do it, the best and cheapest way.”

Purpose of management

Anything has a specific purpose. Management is not beyond that. We can easily divide the purpose of management into two parts. One main purpose and another a secondary purpose.

One of the main objectives of management is to make a profit. The second main purpose is the welfare of the owner. The third main objective is to protect the existence of the organization and the fourth main purpose is the welfare of the employees.

There are many secondary purposes of management . Among them are the creation of a healthy working environment, management of staff, social responsibility, formulation of policies, optimum use of raw materials, increasing productivity, market expansion etc.

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Detailed ideas about management or management

Management or management is a completely objective activity. Management creates the internal environment of any organization. This is something that indicates an effort to achieve predetermined goals.

Management makes the most of the effort to create a situation in which people in any organization are able to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. These include ensuring availability of raw materials, salary of office staff, determining wages of workers, making rules and regulations.

Besides, good management is both effective and efficient. To be effective means doing the right thing, being efficient means doing the job properly, potentially reducing the waste of resources. Find out what 3 qualities a successful manager must have

Through the discussion above, we can say that

  1. Management is a process
  2. Management is an activity
  3. Management is a discipline
  4. A group of management
  5. Management is a science
  6. Management is an industry and
  7. Management is a professio
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