How to manage POS for your business

Having an electronic terminal for credit cards can raise the average customer consumption to 30%.

From a floating restaurant by the Itaya River in Iquitos to a clothing store in injected downtown Lima, the country’s growing business decides to recruit their consumption to a supplier of electronic terminals credit cards and debit cards , also known as POS (Point of Sale, for its acronym). in English).

Among the major retailers that have opted to join this electronic system are restaurants, clothing boutiques, shoe shops and barber shops, above all, allowing them to overcome the barrier of money, win more customers, offer safer shopping and raise sales that can grow. between 20% and 30% of the average ticket if paid by card.

Steps you need to follow to get your POS

In the case of Visa, to subscribe to sales through POS, a contract is signed, with no restriction on stay or exclusivity. See

1 Comply with the documentation requirements

a. RUC Active.
b. a photocopy of a valid ID of a company legal representative (Foreigners: Copy of passport or Alien).
c. A simple photocopy of the bank that proves the number and owner of the account where the sales will be made.

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2 Technical requirements

a. Have a landline and / or dial-up Internet (without WiFi).
b. Link to current point to maximum 1.5 meters from POS location.

3 Fill in the application form

With personal data on the VisaNet website or call central 614-9800 (Annex 2).

So within a maximum period of 48 hours a company executive will contact the interested person.

And how much does it cost?

The following charges for using the service must be considered:

• The cost of installing each POS is S / .150 + IGV.

• The monthly rent for each POS is S / .30 + IGV.

• The commission for each credit card transaction is 4.15%, and debit card is 3.25%.

Remember that these costs should be seen as an investment, as it will allow entrepreneurs to be more competitive in the market, and they will generate increased sales of their products or services.

Do you think a POS terminal is necessary for the business? Tell us your experience if you have one.

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