How does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship?

How does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship or how to understand men? Here are the 15 typical situations that your partner will experience during the first few months with you.

While we often hear that it is difficult to understand women, understanding men is just as complicated.

Indeed, how many times have you wondered why your partner was acting such and such?

How many times have you told yourself he’s inconsistent, irrational, or completely missing the point?

Surely too many times. But, I imagine the question that comes up most often in your mind concerns the first few months of your romantic relationship.

Indeed, at the start, you don’t know each other well, you don’t yet know what makes the other person happy or what makes them tilt.

So you test the waters and try to find out how he reacts in different situations or how he communicates his emotions.

So how does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship?

Understanding men or the uncertainty of the first moments

Right off the bat, you try to analyze his behavior and body language. Is he hiding something from you?

Is he trying to manipulate you? After all, you don’t know him very well yet, and you don’t know if his intentions are pure.

So, you wonder if what he is telling you is true or if he only says the words you want to hear.

So you are in uncertainty, in doubt and in constant questioning. On the one hand, you wonder if his feelings for you are genuine.

And, on the other hand, you are wondering about your own ability to make him happy and to live a harmonious life as a couple.

But, you need to know one thing. The first step in understanding men is to accept the idea that they too doubt.

Yes… Yes… Even though they appear strong, confident and arrogant, they also have questions.

And, the first months of a relationship are decisive for them. Indeed, if you are wondering how a man works at the beginning of a romantic relationship, know that he wonders the same thing about you.

Men also doubt.

Indeed, your partner also has hesitations. He wonders if he is fit to maintain a monogamous romantic relationship and if he can, in all sincerity, make you happy.

So he questions his behavior. He observes your attitude and seeks to find out what your true desires are.

After all, if he’s with you it’s because he has deep feelings for you.

So, it makes sense to think that your partner is trying to do everything to make you feel fulfilled.

So from the start, he tries to figure out if you are really compatible and if a future is really possible.

How does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship? The answer is simple: he over-analyzes everything!

Indeed, a man will never commit sincerely if he is not 100% certain of having found a worthy partner.

He knows his qualities and his faults. And, he is aware that his character is not necessarily easy to live with, but he is still looking for a companion who understands him and who accepts him as he is.

In short, he is looking for what you are also looking for: pure and lasting unconditional love!

How does a man work at the start of a relationship? Here’s how to understand men in 15 crucial steps:

How does your partner feel during the first months of your romantic relationship? How does he behave?

Love can be strange and completely messy. So, you are often confused by everything that is going on between you at the beginning.

But do not panic ! Most romantic relationships start off like this. And, you are far from the first to wonder how to understand men.

Even though you’re both sure you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any fears or insecurities.

For example, you know that on your side when you fall in love, you are excited and obsessed with your new partner.

Besides, sometimes you get on your nerves because you become THAT girl who constantly talks about her man.

But, how does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship? This is THE question that haunts you.

What is your partner thinking? What worries him or makes him doubt.

Understanding people is essential in order to be able to accept them as they are.

If you’re completely obsessed with knowing what’s going on in your man’s head during those first few months, here are some clarification points.

I hope they will help you relax a bit and better understand your partner’s expectations and fears.

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Here are the long-awaited answers to the question: how does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship?

1. With you, he needs to be able to be himself.

Admit it, you want to be with someone who you can be yourself with. Indeed, you don’t want to pretend.

Your man thinks the same! Indeed, he needs to let all sides of his personality express themselves.

If he wants to play the fool, he wants to feel free from all judgments. If he has the need to make completely silly jokes, he wants to know that he is able to do it.

In short, he wants to be true, sincere and honest with you but also with himself.

2. He doesn’t try to rush things.

Do you have to put the brake on or step on the accelerator? This is the question many couples ask themselves.

On the one hand, you don’t want to be heartbroken so you want to take your time.

But, on the other hand, you are afraid to scare your partner away if you don’t speed things up a bit.

Yet, contrary to what you might think, men have no problem with your pace.

They can totally adapt to your needs and wants and they don’t look for all, everything, right away!

Romance and building a lasting romantic relationship are much more important.

3. If your partner has to wait, he’ll do it without a problem!

The issue of privacy is always a bit tricky. When is the perfect time for sex?

The problem arises especially when you think that you have less experience than him, in this field.

So, you want to wait so as not to disappoint him and feel more comfortable but you are afraid to scare him away because of it.

However, when a man is serious in his intentions, he does not force things. He is not in a hurry !

Indeed, since he knows that he will spend the rest of his life with this woman (or at least, some time), he does not try to put pressure on her.

Understanding men is also understanding that not all are hungry lads for sex.

4. Because of you, he’s distracted.

When you fall in love, you can’t think of anything else. This man haunts your mind.

Besides, you even have trouble understanding how this is possible since some time ago this person was a stranger.

Now, he is your whole universe. And, men are the same. Some even say they get silly during the first phase of a romantic relationship.

They have a hard time concentrating, they forget easily and behave awkwardly.

5. Right from the start, your man tries to really identify his feelings towards you: does he really love you?

If you tend to fall in love easily, this is going to be a bit difficult for you to pin down.

Indeed, if on your side, you are able to tell right away whether you are interested or even in love with a man, he needs a little more time.

So, generally it takes a few weeks for these gentlemen to make up their minds. This behavior is not meant to make you languish.

They just really want to make sure they want to build something with you.

It might not be fun to read, but at least if your partner lets you know he’s super interested, you can be sure it’s true.

6. Your man wants you to be tied so he wants you to pay every now and then.

Have you already paid for a date? I’m going to tell you a secret: men don’t always want to pay everything.

After all, it’s not really fair! Moreover, men qualify this behavior as off-putting.

Indeed, even if they are ready to do so, their partner must at least offer to pay their share.

Apparently, the simple act of offering to pay or advance the money for their share of the dinner is seen as a big green flag.

Indeed, men find it very attractive and exciting!

7. He wants to check that there are no red flags or obstacles to your romantic relationship.

From the start, your partner will try to understand your personality and your behavior.

Indeed, in order not to waste time (and so as not to make you waste it), he prefers to analyze everything that is happening so as not to commit blindly.

Besides, you also do that, don’t you? You observe his behavior and try to see if he has anything in common with your exes.

After all, you don’t want to go through another disappointment in love and be heartbroken again.

8. He wonders if you want the same as him.

Surely you have a list of qualities that you want to see in your boyfriend.

So, maybe you want a man who wants to start a family or someone who wants to travel.

And, it’s always important to discuss these kinds of things with your partner so that you both can make sure you’re on the same page.

So your long term goals and moral values ​​must be similar if you want to live in harmony.

9. Your partner is at the heart of a whirlwind of emotions.

Women aren’t the only ones who are emotional. Men can be sensitive too.

We must therefore stop with this stereotype. Understanding men is accepting that they are also subject to emotions, just like you.

At first he is happy, sad, confused, understanding, dreamy, motivated and a whole bunch of other adjectives.

And, isn’t that how you feel too?

10. He thinks being with you is easy as pie.

Of course, when you start a romantic relationship, you want everything to go without effort or hitch.

For a man, the most important thing is to see that there is an intense chemistry between his partner and him.

And, that the relationship is almost self-evident. What does it mean ? This means that he wants to check that he doesn’t have to play a role with you.

And, he wants to make sure he’s not going to have to move mountains to make you happy.

Or, to force yourself to find interesting conversation topics. In short, your man is looking for simplicity.

In fact, to answer the question “How does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship?” You have to understand that your partner is not that different from you.

We tend to say that men and women are different in terms of love and expression of emotions, but this is not always the case.

11. Your partner doesn’t want to ruin what’s going on between you.

When you go out with a man, surely you are afraid of screwing everything up. And, when one of your love affairs doesn’t work, you blame yourself.

What did you do wrong? Did you cause this failure? Honestly, you have no reason to blame yourself.

In fact, your relationship didn’t work out because you and your partner weren’t made for each other.

And you know what ? Now that you are in a relationship again, you must understand that your man is just as scared as you are of ruining your relationship.

Indeed, even if it may seem crazy to you, at first, your partner tries to impress you and tries, by all possible means, to make your relationship work.

So, understanding men is first of all accepting that they have the same fears and the same uncertainties as we do.

12. Your past love does not particularly interest him.

How many men have you slept with? Hmm … Do you really think that number really interests him?

When some couples make things official, they need to tell each other everything and bring up sensitive topics like the number of partners.

Others prefer to pretend they have never loved before. Both approaches are valid.

But, in order to understand men, you have to know that what matters most to them is that you are with them.

Indeed, you are there and your past does not matter. It’s a relief because this kind of conversation can quickly become uncomfortable.

13. Your partner wants you to meet their friends.

You have surely heard that a man in love absolutely wants his partner to meet his relatives.

So the answer to the question, “How does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship?” could be that easy.

So, if from the first moments of your relationship, your man needs to put you in touch with his friends, it is because he is considering something serious.

And, I’m not even telling you about the meeting with the family!

14. He wants to make things official.

If a man is really interested in a woman, he’s not afraid to put a title on their relationship. So he will call her his girlfriend.

Besides, you both may have rushed things a little by making your relationship official and you have surely even shocked those around you.

But, at the same time, you both were certain of your feelings and felt like it was the right thing to do.

So, if your man is mature and monogamous, formalizing your relationship will not scare him.

To the best of my mind!

15. Your partner wonders when he can finally say the fateful “I love you”.

How does a man work at the start of a romantic relationship? He himself does not know!

He asks himself tons of questions and he has anxieties, just like you.

Thus, some men wait months before saying “I love you” to their partner, others have no problem doing so from the start of the relationship.

Generally speaking, we can say that a really interested man will say these three magic words after a month.

But, this will create some anxiety for him. Is it too early? What if she doesn’t feel the same? What if I scared her with those words?

In short, he worries and questions himself. Then he will decide that honesty is the best approach.

So when your partner says “I love you”, you can be sure that he really means it.


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