If your man does these 19 things, he does NOT love you enough

Many things can be said lip service, but it is important to observe what the actions shout. A man in love with a woman will not exhibit most of the following behaviors:

  1. Ask you to change your appearance

He wants you to use another type of haircut; if it’s long, it wants you to cut it, and if it’s short, it wants you to use an appliqué. He says or implies that he doesn’t like the way you dress, or that blondes drive you crazy when your hair color is dark.

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He says he likes you, but his actions show that he would like it much more if you looked different.

  1. He asks you to give up your dreams

Since you were a child you dream of being a teacher and you are studying for it, but he keeps saying that it is not a career that pays well, and that you should abandon it to study something that gives you more money. It is all the time making you think that what you dream or want is not enough, or that you should give up and do what he thinks is best for you, regardless of why you want to make those dreams come true.

  1. You don’t want to spend time with your family

Regardless of how our family is, these people are special simply because they are part of our entire existence, they deserve all our respect and love. This lack of interest in having a better relationship with your family shows that, in fact, he loves only part of you.

  1. Show yourself to other women or show interest

He acts as if he’s still open to meeting another woman, because obviously, you’re not all he’s looking for.

  1. He shames her in public

For some reason, he finds it amusing to embarrass her in front of others.

  1. Not everyone knows that you are together

With some explanation, he convinces you that it is better that not everyone knows about your relationship.

  1. Threaten or abuse you

Emotional and physical abuse are always signs that he doesn’t really love you.

  1. Lie to you

You caught him lying so many times, you don’t know what to believe or not anymore. He lies to you even about things for which you find no justification or reason for him to do so.

  1. Decrease you

He minimizes everything you do, but when someone else does the same thing (and sometimes worse than you), he splurges to make sure you know the difference.

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  1. He never listens to you

Everything is about him, about what he likes and dislikes. He never listens to you, and when he tries to do it, it is obvious that he is just pretending so that you don’t get angry.

  1. He never has time for you

All other things are his priority, except you. Friends and family will always have a place on his agenda; you, only if he has time to spare or someone fails him.

  1. Refuses to share with you on social media

While sharing relationship status on social media is no guarantee of anything, the fact that he refuses to do so, especially if he shares everything else, is not a good sign.

  1. He ignores you

Ignores his text messages, calls, requests, needs and just about anything that does not directly benefit him.

  1. Your opinion doesn’t count

Not only does he not ask you for an opinion, but when you say so, he decides to ignore it and prefers to take the opinion of his neighbor or anyone else instead of asking for his.

  1. The future is a tense that makes you uncomfortable

Making long-term plans with you, or just talking about his future with you, is something that makes you totally uncomfortable.

  1. Keep looking at other women

Almost undisguised, he turns to look at other women. If you get his attention, he says that the eyes were meant to see, or that you know he likes “blondes”.

  1. Compare yourself with other women

He compares you to his ex, to your mother, to the neighbor, to your friend, to any woman who serves at that moment to devalue her.

  1. Complains every time you have to spend money or part of your time with you

He prefers to do this to anyone other than you.

  1. It’s never there when you need it

Every time you need him, he is always busy or has the “perfect” excuse for not helping you.


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