Makeda , also known as Queen of Sheba, The Queen of Sheba is a legendary character, featured in the books Kings and Chronicles (in the Bible ), in the Koran and in the history of Ethiopia .


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She was the ruler of the Kingdom of Saba , an ancient country that archeology presumes was located in present-day territories of Ethiopia and Yemen . In biblical texts, the queen is not explicitly named by name. In the Ethiopian tradition it is called Makeda, while in the Islamic tradition (although not in the Koran) it is known as Bilqis or Balkis. Other names associated with it are Nikaule or Nicaula, Queen Makeda belonged to an Arab genealogy: she was the daughter of Yashrea, the son of Al-Hareth, the son of Qais, the son of Saifi, the son of Saba.



According to the Old Testament (the first part of the Bible), the anonymous queen of the land of Sheba comes to Israel having heard of the great wisdom of King Solomon , carrying gifts of spices, gold and precious stones.

The episode also appears in the Koran, which also does not mention the queen’s name; According to this version, the queen was so impressed by the wisdom and riches of Solomon that she converted to monotheism, singing a praise to the God Yahweh; the king then rewarded her with a promise to grant her whatever she desired. The queen gifted 4.5 tons of gold to the king of Israel .

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

When he returned to Ethiopia , Makeda extended the philosophy of Judaism, and this influence would last into Ethiopian culture today.

Inspiration or legend

Makeda or the fabulous story of the Queen of Sheba This exciting novel, inspired by both legend and proven facts, reveals the surprising life of the Queen of Sheba, a woman with exceptional intelligence and diplomacy , whose laws in favor of the rights of women, and, above all, her oath of perennial virginity, seemed to mark a destiny whose course was altered after her encounter with love and pleasure embodied in King Solomon .

Makeda, or the fabulous story of the Queen of Sheba rescues that resplendent destiny, with the magnificence of The Thousand and One Nights, and puts us in the footsteps of the lost tribe of Israel who lived “the other way out of Egypt “, until the Symiena plateau, home to a lavish empire and a fabled court: Saba


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