Prophet Jeremiah

Jeremiah. He is a Hebrew prophet of God who defied the policy of the Judean kings .


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Biographical synthesis

Jeremiah (Anatoth, Judea 650 BC – Daphnae, Egypt 585 BC). Hebrew prophet, son of the priest Hilkiah. As he himself writes, he was called by God in the thirteenth year of King Josiah’s rule. He is the author of the book of the Bible that bears his name: the Book of Jeremiah .

His prophecies

With his prophecies he defied the policy of the kings of Judea , Joachim and Zedekiah and announced Yahweh’s punishment for violence and social corruption, which broke the alliance with God : They speak of peace , but there is no peace, he wrote. According to Jeremiah 36:23, the first version of his book was destroyed by King Joaquim, under whose rule the prophet lived in constant danger of death .

The persecution against Jeremiah was increased under Zedekiah, who treated him cruelly and accused him of being a spy for the Babylonians, for announcing that Judea would be destroyed if he did not repent of his sins and changed to return to the covenant with Yahweh . Jeremiah came to lament his fate, but finally decided to continue his prophetic mission Jeremiah 20: 7-11.

Jeremiah called to free the slaves as a sign of conversion. At first his calling was honored, but then the masters enslaved those they had freed, with which the prophet considered sealed the fate of the kingdom of Judea, Zedekiah, and Jerusalem (see Jeremiah 34: 8-22). The announcement of the defeat of Judea was accompanied, however, by the prophecy about the future ruin of Babylon , the New Covenant Jeremiah 31:31 and the restoration.

In 587, Nebuchadnezzar II defeated the Jews, led the notables captive, enslaved thousands of people, executed the king, and destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem . Only the poor were respected and Jeremiah retired to Mizpah and then to Egypt , where according to tradition he was sawn.


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