How to make an urban garden

Having an urban garden  at home and being able to grow your own peaches, carrots, or tomatoes is easier than you think.

Of course, it is not necessary that you have hectares, or a super huge yard and much less have a large amount of money in the bank.

With just a balcony and a lot of desire, you can make your own urban garden ; Grow your own vegetables, vegetables or whatever you want, and be able to proudly bring to the table what you have done with your own hands.

The benefits of setting up an urban garden

Creating your own garden at home is an experience that not everyone can enjoy, and a small luxury that not many can have.

In addition, the benefits that the urban garden brings us at home  are many, we can have food every day, our self-esteem grows alongside the plants, creativity will be present in the care of the garden , and you will be in touch with nature.

As we see, it gives us many benefits to have an urban garden , we will give you ideas for you to create your own urban garden , and you can use those spaces that are empty and lifeless, and grow your own food ecologically, and the most important ones with little money will do the what else do you like.

The diversity of orchards that exist is infinite, they exist from vertical, large or small, and there are also hanging ones, and in all of them you can grow your fruits or vegetables for your salads. The construction of these orchards is very easy, and you can even recycle everyday materials or objects that you no longer use to give life to your garden, it is a great idea for your bun, for the environment and to decorate your home

We will propose ideas for you to undertake the project and to have your own urban garden , which will bring joy to your balcony and in your dishes, without hurry enjoy the process.

A green lung in the corner of your house will be the center of attention, and to not extend, let’s start:

Depending on the space you have in your house , we will give you two ideas:

  • horizontal orchard: this can be created by placing pots on one side of the other, as if it were any ornamental plant.
  • Vertical garden: this modality is to place different floors. You can make the pots yourself with recyclable plastic bottles.

Steps to make a beautiful urban garden

  • Choose the perfect place: be it a window or balcony, garden, they can become an orchard , the important thing is that the place is illuminated, facing south, in this way will take full advantage of the sun.
  • What do we plant? If you do not know where to start, we recommend that you undertake simple crops that do not attract pests or diseases, easily managed crops and with short cycles. For example. Lettuce, garlic, onions and chard are the most appropriate; Choose the season plants, these are a good option, also if you want you combine the plants, you can harmonize flowers with vegetables, some are pest repellents.
  • Containers: This will also depend on the size where your garden will be located , and you can create them yourself, for the seeds you can use the empty egg cups for the seeds, then you can transplant them to a stronger matero; you have to choose pots of different sizes. The depth of almost everything you can sow would be 7 to 16 cm, this can be, eggplants, pumpkins, beans, corn, cucumbers, the main thing is to fill it with water, not neglecting nutrients and air. The pots although heavy is better than those of plastic since these respect the temperature, the important thing is to have a good drainage system.
  • The substrate. Something essential in our garden and very convenient. The best organic substrate is compost, it contains manure and forest debris, it stores water and nutrients so that our plants grow healthy, and it is less heavy than common soil.
  • How to pay: Be it sutrate or soil, for summer crops such as peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, consume many nutrients, and we must feed the soil and be aware of it, it is best to add earthworm humus to avoid the substrate and more if this It is caked, otherwise it is best to replace it with a new one. The worms can be added every season to avoid changing the substrate, of course, depending on the amount of roots that the pot has as we have explained.
  • How to water: Key to a beautiful and successful garden. The frequency and the excess as well as the defect, cause many diseases in the plants, for this you must have an adequate water management according to the need of our garden , drip irrigation is a phenomenal idea for them; Depending on your crop and season, you can use the mulching technique to have a certain degree of moisture in your garden if it merits it.
  • Pest control: in this case you must be very aware of your garden , so you can detect in time the pests and possible diseases of our plants. If an insect, aphids, or common larvae appears in the garden, it is normal for many to use a chemical such as insecticides .
  • Before startingthis project you must take into account the planting seasons, and once decided, prepare for a small, healthy and ecological adventure.

The advantages and benefits of urban gardening at home:

  • You will get vegetables and vegetables with excellent flavor.
  • The experiences and lessons you willget will be free .
  • The funand sharing you will have with your family will be unique.
  • You will savea lot of money on food purchases.

Do not be discouraged if you do not have space in your home or do not have a giant patio, put your creativity to work and use your home to give life to spaces that you do not use.

The advantages are many when creating a small urban garden , you just have to use your imagination, get down to work and create your first garden

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