How to make Palang Puri

In the afternoon, dal puri is always eaten! Now change the taste and enjoy Palang Puri. Thinking about how pure it is again? This healthy diet will keep everyone’s mind. Have fun with your loved ones when you have this pure time. Royal Recipes-

Ingredients: Cultivated Vegetable Seeds: 3 cups, one and a half cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, salt to taste, oil 1 tablespoon, oil for frying.

Method: The beds have to be washed and cooked and put in batches. Now mix 1 cup flour with sugar, salt, oil. Then mix the flour with the beds and lemon juice. Mix the remaining flour with the flour mixed with the yeast. Divide by 12, with yeast for 1/2 hour. Each part should be rolled with 5 cm diameter bread. Heat oil in a pan and leave it in pure oil. After a few seconds, spread the oil on the flame and serve with hot hot chili pepper.

Raw chilli sauce: raw chilli 1 gram, cumin half teaspoon, 20 grams of sesame seeds, 3 grams of coriander leaves, hinges a little, salt to taste, clean all the ingredients and put them on the glass jar.

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