Majorero cheese

Majorero cheese . Majorero cheese is a cheese canary , made from milk of majorera goat and produced in the six municipalities of the island of Fuerteventura . The Majorero Cheese Designation of Origin has been recognized since February 16 , 1996 .


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  • 1 Features
  • 2 Physical Properties
  • 3 Organoleptic characteristics
  • 4 Sources


Although it is a goat cheese , up to 15% of Canarian sheep milk can be added when it is to be cured.

Physical Properties

As physical properties, it has a cylindrical shape , with a diameter of between 15 and 35 cm, a minimum height of 6 cm. and a maximum of 9 cm. The pieces have a weight ranging from 1 to 6 kg.

Organoleptic characteristics

As for the organoleptic characteristics of the cheese, its bark has footprint sheet of palm used to mold the side of the cheese and on the faces of the bases. The surface can be rubbed with paprika , oil or gofio . The pasta is compact when cut, with a creamy to medium-hard texture. It is white-yellowish in color, taking a slight brownish tone in the cured cheeses and has small eyes. The flavor is mild when fresh, and strong and slightly spicy when cured.


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