How to maintain the relationship after recombination? 5 tips to warm up your relationship

There are many people who choose to save after breaking up, but they can reconcile as before, and few continue to maintain their relationship for a long time. How to maintain the relationship after recombination? Let’s take a look at 5 things that can heat up the relationship after recombination. Skills.

1. Be intimate at the beginning, and control yourself in the normal relationship in the future

You just got together. At this time, you can stick to people appropriately. After all, your emotional foundation is not very solid at this time, so the initial intimacy is still very necessary for you.

But in the future, I still hope that you can get along normally and control your own gains and losses. Some people recover because they lost, so they are very afraid of losing each other again.

Because I am afraid of losing each other again, I have to get tired of being together every day; because I am afraid of losing each other again, I check the other side frequently; because I am afraid of losing each other again, I constantly adopt the mode of pleasing each other in getting along…

All this is caused by not being able to control your own gains and losses. It is fine to do this during the first few days of reunion, but if you get along in the same way in the future, you will ruin your relationship.

Too tight feelings can make people breathless, you need to control your performance, otherwise it means losing the other person again.

2. Issues left over from history, it is time to consider solving them

I know that in order to redeem each other, you dare to say any promises during the redemption process, and you dare to describe any bright future with each other. Now that you are reunited, you have to think about whether you want to put these promises into practice.

There must be a reason for your separation, whether it is because of the disagreement of the two people’s personalities, or because of the separation in a different place, or because of some behaviors in the relationship between the two people in the past that the other half cannot accept… Since you are reunited, it should be The problem to be solved must be solved properly.

Don’t make a pile of bad checks when you are going to get it back, and then wait until the two people really get back together but forget about the previous problems.

Reflect on the reasons that caused you to separate, and do your best to solve these problems. Since the other party is willing to come back to you, it means that you want to give you a second chance. You must not let her down.

3. Relive the warm memories of the past

When you were together before, there must be many sweet and good memories. Now that you are together again, it is a good choice to relive the good memories of the past.

After I helped a student successfully recover his ex-girlfriend, I told my student that the first time you eat after your reunion, you should choose the restaurant where you and her confessed.

The reason for doing this is to hope that the sweet memories of the past can flow back to the other person’s heart again, so that the other person will remember the sweet past of the two people again.

Sure enough, when the girl saw this restaurant, she was very excited and expressed that she felt that the two of them had returned to the time they had just been together. The student also acquaintedly held her hand and told her what she used to say to her. When the two separated, he would chase her again, and the girl burst into tears.

The past scenes and memories are the easiest to recall this lost joy.

4. Increase the binding between two people

We have used this method when managing intimate relationships, and it also works after reuniting.

When the bond between the two of you increases, it is very difficult for you to break up again, because the cost of breaking up with you has become higher, and the other party has to weigh carefully when they want to break up with you.

Show affection is the best way, whether it is to show in the circle of friends, or to participate in each other’s party in real life, or to bring the other person into your social circle, it is a good way.

Originally, in your last relationship, your social circle should have known something. This time seeing you get back together, both of your social circles will have an idea: It’s not easy to be together, and the two of you have a good time.

Therefore, if the other party wants to break up, not only will the influence of the social circle be taken into account, the people around him will even persuade him: “Oh, you two have finally been together again. Is there anything you can’t say well, you have to break up?”

5. You must learn to forgive yourself

Maybe the last relationship made you reflect a lot and regretted hurting the other person, but now that you are reunited, I hope you can let go of the past and reconcile with yourself.

Because what motivates us to do something, it should always be positive emotions, not negative emotions-if you think of your relationship every time you feel a sense of guilt, then you can’t manage you well The relationship between.

I know you have guilt, you have regrets, you may think of what you have done to the other party in the past and you want to slap yourself, but it is all over, the other party has returned, right?

Sometimes, emotions can be contagious. If you have always been burdened with guilt and heaviness in your heart, then the other person will also feel depressed, or psychologically stressed.

Since you are together now, let go of the past, and the two will have a good time.

If you have time to regret the past, you might as well use your current actions to make up for the other person. People who always carry a burden on their hearts cannot move forward.


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