Mafia 3: what happened to Joe Barbaro

Find out what happened to Joe Barbaro, the protagonist of “Mafia 2”, and how his fate relates to Lincoln Clay from the third part

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This article contains spoilers!

Is Joe Barbaro dead and not appearing in Mafia 3 ? Watching the official trailers and researching news about the game, no evidence of Joe’s return has ever been found. Fans of the series discuss his fate all over the internet. Perhaps this is one of the most important secrets of the upcoming game. In this guide, we will try to give a clear answer to the question posed.

Joe Barbaro is alive

Joe is Vito’s best friend and the protagonist of the previous installment. At the end of the game, Carlo Falcone was killed by Vito Scaletta due to a deal he made with Leo Galante. In the last scene, we see Joe’s car driving in a different direction, with Leo claiming that Joe was not part of the deal. After that, Vito went to New Bordeaux, while Joe was presumed dead.

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