Mafia 3: how to save the car

Find out how you can return a car in Mafia 3 that you have already driven, and how to get a black car that Lincoln drove at the beginning of the game

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In Mafia 3, getting the car back is much more difficult than you might imagine. Not all machines can be restored. The new system is very different from the one we are used to seeing in other games of this kind. In this guide, you will learn how and when you can restore your car, as well as how to get the starting black Lincoln car.

How to store cars in “Mafia 3”

Unfortunately, you cannot store cars in the game. You won’t find Lincoln’s garage, so you simply don’t have a place to keep them. Vehicles can be obtained in two ways:

  • Theft of cars located on the streets of the city.
  • Car delivery by assistants using a radio receiver.

When you leave your car on the street, it will soon disappear. If you stole this car, then to get exactly the same model, you will have to find it and steal it again. If you ordered the delivery of this car, you can re-order it and return it back. The only exception is that when visiting assistants, even if the car was left in the middle of the road, it will be parked in the right place for you.

Call the car delivery guy (Burke’s subordinate) and order one of the cars on the list. Within a few seconds, the boy will bring the car to the right place. This list of cars can be called your virtual garage. Lincoln cannot physically visit him.

The only way to add cars to the driven list is by completing side quests, completing the storyline, and providing the henchman with new territories and businesses.

How to get back the black car that Lincoln drove at the beginning of the game

Lincoln’s black car, which the protagonist uses at the beginning of the game, looks really cool. It is not surprising if you are tempted to return it to your use. Be patient and this time will come soon. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  • Unlock the ability to deliver vehicles through Burke.
  • Help Vito when needed.

As soon as you do all this, the vehicle will be available in the list of deliveries in the second position from the top.

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