Machete sheath

Machete sheath. Protective cover in which the machete rests.


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The sheath is the protective cover on which the machete rests . The sheaths can be made of various materials, including leather, wood and metals such as bronze and steel. The opening of the sheath through which the blade is inserted is called the throat, and is part of the entire mount of the same sheath in which it has a hook or a ring that facilitates the entry of the machete.

In the leather sheaths it is generally protected by a metal tip on which the tip of the machete blade rests. The sheath, whether metal or leather, provides extra protection through an extension called a wedge or shoe.

Despite the previous definition, there is another type of sheath, which is the one that wraps the bullets and gunpowder inside the same container, which is fired by hitting the firing pin of a firearm in the chamber of the same.


Word according Espasa-Leotron dictionary, is a kind of knife wide, heavy and single edge. In another of its meanings, it states that it is a large and strong knife that is used to eliminate brush, cut small logs, etc.

Length depending on its use, since its low price and its widespread popularity have led to it having many variants.

Machete variants

Other agricultural tools

Agricultural tools are instruments used for tilling the soil, loading sand, weeding, removing the soil, digging trenches, transporting manure or material, etc. There are many and very varied agricultural tools, among which are mentioned:

  • Barretones : They are steel levers finished in plant leaf and semi-plant of the same metal, medium length handle.
  • Wheelbarrows : They are small cars that have a wheel and are used to load and unload agricultural material, be it sand , earth, fertilizers.
  • Escardillas : They are tools with a shovel-shaped end; it is made of metal with a lower edge with a cutting edge; It serves to remove the earth.
  • Machetes : They are tools designed to cut; they have a long, sharp steel blade, attached to a wooden handle.
  • Shovels : They are sheets of metal, preferably steel, which are used to till the soil; they can be pointed or wide; They have a lower edge with a cutting edge and a long wooden handle finished in a metal handle.
  • Peaks : They are instruments composed of a part of steel whose ends end in the shape of a rectangular shovel, on the one hand, and vertically on the ground; It has a rectangular shovel with a lower edge and a wooden or metal handle.
  • Rakes : Designed to cover or rake seeds; They have a horizontal part of metal and consists of thin or thick teeth depending on use.
  • Transplanters : They are small metal shovels in the shape of a small spoon, with sharp edges and a wooden handle. They serve to remove seeds.


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