Digital wattmeter

Digital wattmeter . Electrodynamic instrument to measure the electrical power or the rate of supply of electrical energy of a given electrical circuit. The device consists of a pair of fixed coils, called “current coils”, and a voice coil called a “potential coil”


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It is a multifunctional instrument, it covers practically all your needs.

  • For the measurement of power of one or three phases as well as an active energy meter up to 9999 kWh.
  • To minimize interference to machines by engineers and technicians, a test apparatus that is capable of making voltage, current and power measurements is required.
  • Its internal circuits, adapted to the most advanced state of the art, guarantee very precise analyzes of the different power factors, carried out quickly and precisely, allowing a correction of possible problems.
  • The measured values ​​obtained can be sent to the computer at will and processed.
  • The contents of the shipment contain everything you need for measurements and analysis (including software and data cable).


The digital wattmeter has the following technical characteristics, which allow it to carry out the following measurements:

  • Indirect measurement (1 to 3 phases) using the integrated clamp
  • Power measurements:
    • Active power (kW)
    • Apparent power (kVA)
    • Reactive power (kVAR)
    • Power factor (cos φ)
    • Phase angle
    • Active energy integrator (kWh)
    • Multimeter measurements:
    • Actual effective value / voltage
    • Actual / current cash value
    • Frequency
    • Temperature
  • Datalogger with 99 values ​​that can be displayed on the screen
  • Memory for minimum, maximum and data hold values


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