Luis Munera

Luis Munera. Colombian architect.


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biographical synthesis

He was born in Colombia.


Graduated in Architecture from the National University of Colombia, Medellin , in 2000 and Master in Architecture from the same university in 2012 .

He has developed his professional activity in a particular way from 2000 to 2014. Selected in the exhibition “44 International Young Architects, Barcelona ( 2007 ) with the works Casa Aguirre–Soto ( 2006 ), Commercial building in Yarumal (2006) and Casa Soto-Vélez (2006) and in 2008 selected in the XXI Colombian Architecture Biennial with the Aguirre-Soto house (2006).

At the same time, he has assumed responsibilities in the field of architecture teaching , professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the National University of Colombia, Medellin (2000-2014), professor at the Santo Tomás University , Medellin , where he has served as area coordinator of Architectural Design Workshops ( 2005-2014 ) and professor in property of the Faculty of Architecture in the area of ​​projects of the National University of Medellín since 2008 .


His Master’s thesis in Architecture entitled La casa un Jardín. The architecture of Caputi & Uribe 1950-1967 obtained the distinction of Laureate and was published by the National University.


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