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Luz Amorocho Carreno. She was the first Colombian woman to graduate as an architect. She presented one of the first urban plans for Bogotá and worked on public and private buildings in Bogotá throughout her career. Between 1966 and 1988, she served as Director of the Department of Planning at the National University of Colombia and spent a decade documenting the history of the buildings on the university’s campus.


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She was born in Bogotá in 1922 , the third of four siblings.

In 1941 , after passing the entrance exams and taking advantage of her knack for drawing, she entered the newly opened School of Architecture, a complete surprise to her classmates, since she was the only woman in her class even though there were other women in the class. race. After fulfilling all the requirements in the five years of her studies, and while working during the holidays as a draftsman at the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), she graduated in 1945 , becoming the first female architect in the country.

In the year that Amorocho graduated, the Ministry of Education founded the Secondary School of Women’s Culture of Cundinamarca under the direction of Ana Restrepo del Corral. She was appointed one of the directors of the school and taught drawing and architecture.


In 1946 , he published an article, Bogotá can be a modern city , with other Colombian architects, Enrique García , José J. Angulo and Carlos Martínez , director of PROA Arquitectura magazine , which caused a sensation.

In 1948, Luz began working for the Ministry of Public Works in Tumaco rebuilding buildings destroyed in the riots. For two years, he built schools and office buildings and then went to work for the firm ” Cuéllar Serrano y Gómez ” for a decade. The firm, which included partners Gabriel Serrano Camargo , Camilo Cuellar Tamayo , and José Gómez Pinzón , was known for designing some of the most important buildings in Bogotá , including many hospitals, the ” Jockey Club “, and various businesses. While she was with them, Amorocho worked on designs and construction for the Hotel Tequendama .

In 1960 he moved to Paris to pursue his other passions: sociology, literature and theater[10]. However, he never abandoned architecture and worked with Nicole Sonolet .

In 1966 he returned to Colombia and began working at the National University . In 1970 she was appointed director of the Physical Planning Office of the University where, in addition to directing draftsmen and architects who designed the new university projects such as the central library and the administration tower, she participated in the design of adaptation works and maintenance of the “white city”.

In 1982 , he published the first book that compiles the history of the campus buildings of the most important public university in the country, a fundamental text of the architectural history of the university, Bogotá and Colombia .


He died in Bogotá in 2019 .


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