LPG car maintenance: the complete guide

Do you have a car equipped with an LPG system and do you already know how much fuel consumption is saved? Well, but always remember that proper maintenance is essential . Here’s how to get organized.

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LPG car: service costs

As with all engines, even in LPG car maintenance there are tasks to be respected and costs to be incurred: first of all it is good to say that ordinary coupons have fairly low prices, despite being higher than those of a petrol car.

Specifically, the deadlines for the checks are the same, but the price for each coupon will be higher than 50-100 euros, obviously depending on the type of car and the workshop.

The cost is in fact based on the numerous checks relating to all parts of the gas system.

But obviously there is not only the LPG car service .

LPG car maintenance: not just servicing

Obviously, in addition to the coupons, you must remember the periodic inspection , but in this case the timing is the same as for other cars: however, there are further additional tests that involve higher costs.

Another important aspect to keep in mind are the prices of extraordinary maintenance : for example, replacing a tank after 10 years from registration (or after testing if aftermarket) costs around 500 euros.

An even more serious and costly damage is instead represented by the possible revision of the LPG head. This is why the fundamental role of periodic coupons is constantly being emphasized, during which, as we said, the valves are checked (and possibly registered).

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LPG maintenance: details to keep in mind

For the correct LPG car maintenance , of course, our first advice is to never skip the coupons , even when the car is no longer under warranty: moreover, do not forget that it is good to rely on competent workshops.

LPG has several advantages, if maintained correctly: it pollutes little and allows you to move freely even in traffic blocks, as well as saving you fuel.

To best preserve the life of your LPG engine, let’s close our guide with a piece of advice: the life of the valves is fundamental, so take a few routes on petrol instead of LPG, and specifically, use at least one tank of petrol for every two of gas.

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