Has love come to an end? How to end dating

Breaking up is always difficult, isn’t it?

After all, even when we are no longer happy in a relationship, letting go and respecting your old love can be tricky.

However, there are some actions you can take to make this situation easier.

So, check out these 07 tips on how to break up and not hurt your partner.

Breaking up is always difficult, isn’t it?

After all, even when we are no longer happy in a relationship, letting go and respecting your old love can be tricky.

However, there are some actions you can take to make this situation easier.

So, check out these 07 tips on how to break up and not hurt your partner.

Don’t speak ill of your ex-partner

First of all, do not speak ill of it to other people, such as family and friends.

Always try to keep matters intimate and ending only for those who matter: the couple.

If you need to vent with someone, look for an extremely trustworthy person to avoid gossip.

In fact, avoid exposing your ex-partner! This is extremely important to maintain respect for the old relationship.

Do not provoke

Many people do not accept the end of a relationship, causing a series of indirect and provocations. Know that this attitude is extremely disrespectful!

So, avoid teasing your ex, your new girlfriend or anyone else who has a relationship with the old love story.

Don’t let it out on social media

Venting on social media has become a habit. But when it comes to dating and others, that attitude tends to be very unpleasant and disrespectful.

In view of this, do not use social networks to send indirect to your ex at all times.

Return the ex’s belongings

As with any dating, leaving personal belongings at the other’s home is normal.

However, with the end of the relationship it is necessary to return them.

So, primarily, clean your cabinets, putting all the ex’s objects in a box and return it as soon as you can.

Follow your life

When a breakup occurs, former partners tend to take a while to accept. In this way, disrespectful attacks can occur.

So that it doesn’t happen to you, go on with your life; as soon as you or your old lover makes the decision to break up.

Prize for your peace and respect for others.

Look, develop an attractive personality, take care of your self-esteem and learn from mistakes to move on and search for the next relationship in the right way!

Practice empathy

Much is said about empathy today, and you who want to know how to break up also need to know a little more about the topic.

Empathy is nothing more than putting yourself in the other’s shoes.

Even so, selfishness has become a common practice in relationships, since people only want to see their side, and do not think about the needs, needs, wants and weaknesses of the other.

This behavior has driven many couples away – some even end marriage or dating because of it.

So, if your relationship is no longer likely to work, at least be empathetic at this stage.

After all, practicing empathy is a necessary attitude throughout the courtship, even when it doesn’t work anymore and you want to end the relationship.

In other words, trying to understand your ex-partner’s point of view, practicing tolerance and patience are also part of having more empathy at the end of the courtship.

No more DR

The famous DRs (Relationship Discussion) can be endless at the end of a relationship; they end up wearing even more emotionally to the couple.

In this sense, for those who want to know how to end a relationship, they need to understand that DRs only get in the way of this difficult time.

The breakup is a painful time for any couple who really loved each other, and it is crucial to avoid further physical and emotional stress .

Therefore, do not try to talk, accuse or rage about matters that will no longer be resolved.

If you even try, but can’t ‘not start’ the DRs, follow some tips and avoid this type of conflict at the end of the courtship:

  • Do not get into sensitive matters. You are sure that you or your partner are stressed and nervous;
  • Avoid endless subjects . You know that old story that was never resolved? So, forget about it once and for all! Since it has not been resolved at this point, it will not be resolved at the end;
  • Forgive and move on. Do not take moments of bitterness and hurt, as this, in addition to hurting you, also affects recovery and future relationships.

List and resolve all pending issues

For you who want to know how to end a relationship in a good way, the tip is to list and resolve all pending issues.

Thus, it is possible to have much more clarity and objectivity to resolve more boring and boring matters at the time of termination.

Just to illustrate, note some pending issues that a breakup may require:

  • Debts that the couple made together;
  • Returning items from the partner that stayed with you or vice versa;
  • Solve practical matters of who keeps the acquired goods. In the event of a more serious courtship, in which the couple has already acquired goods.

Act firmly 

If you are looking for how to break up, you also need to know that being firm at this time is imperative.

After all, if the termination decision has already been made, there is nothing more that can be done.

That way, be firm in your decision and leave no doubt or loophole for your ex to think otherwise .

Thus, each one can follow his life more peaceful and in peace, knowing exactly that the end was the best option.

Don’t confuse the other

Leaving the other confused is a bad idea when it comes to knowing how to break up the best way.

So, be clear and assertive in your decisions and conversations with the ex-partner, without leaving doubts about your intentions.

Although confusion can leave the other person thinking that you want to resume or take a break. Send the real one! In fact, you already want to put an end to dating.

This and other ways to confuse the ex-partner is very unfair and leaves a false expectation of something that will not happen.

The best way to not confuse the other is to know how to end the relationship assertively, in addition to having a good conversation and explaining your reasons for breaking up.

Remember to use friendly language, without offense or accusation.

Anyway, note some tips to not confuse the other when it comes to breaking up:

  • Speak clearly the reasons for termination;
  • Make it clear that the ending is final;
  • Do not return stories from the past, so as not to give the false impression that you still want to discuss the subject. This still gives hope for the ex to try again;
  • Set a limit for messages and conversations. In the beginning, getting away is best, as it takes time to think and accept the end of a relationship;
  • Avoid talking about third parties and gossip that may have caused the end;
  • Do not talk about feelings you do not feel, as this can leave a gap for the other person to want to come back. Do this politely and lovingly, but always firmly.

Always speak the truth

First of all, lying is a defect that many people practice in relationships.

In fact, this attitude can undermine people’s confidence and admiration.

So, even during termination, always practice transparency and speak the truth.

Hiding facts, money and assets is something that many couples do, especially at the end of a marriage. This can be dishonest with each other, even if it was just a few months’ dating.

The lie is bad for anyone who wants to know how to end the relationship smoothly, and also prevents a probable return or friendship between the old couple.

So, have respect for your ex-partner and always tell the truth. Avoid practicing “sincericide”, that is, talking more than you should and, consequently, hurting your ex.


Remember that even when putting into practice these tips on how to break up, you need to have patience, strength and resilience to deal with the break up.

Do not force the bar at any time, respect your time and that of your ex-partner.

When ending an affective relationship, many wounds can be exposed and take time to heal.

It is best to always have respect for yourself and the other, taking one step at a time in search of your emotional reconstruction.


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