Labiaplasty: clear all your doubts about intimate surgery

When we age, it is common for our genitals to also undergo changes: the skin loses elasticity and ends up giving way.

In addition to aesthetics, these changes influence self-esteem, sex life and even the use of tighter clothes.

To solve these problems, one of the most sought-after intimate surgeries currently appears: labioplasty.

However, most women who wish to undergo labiaplasty are still very young, but cannot live peacefully due to the discomfort or discomfort caused by excess skin in their vagina.

Have you heard of this procedure? In this post, we’ll find out:

  • What is labioplasty;
  • When it is indicated;
  • Why your demand has increased in recent years;
  • How is the procedure;
  • If the surgery leaves scars;
  • How is the post-operative

What is labiaplasty?

It is an intimate surgery that consists of reducing the skin of the small lips.

In female anatomy , the conventional thing is that the big lips end a little after the small ones. However, in some cases, the size is reversed, and the small lips protrude out of the vulva. 

Therefore, labiaplasty appears to regulate this asymmetry between the lips, but does not make them too short, as they protect the vagina against microorganisms. The surgeon will remove only the outer part of the labia majora.

Having the labia majora larger or asymmetrical is no abnormality.

Certainly the female body is complex and has unique characteristics in each woman.

However, this difference in size can cause discomfort, such as pain during intercourse.

In addition, as there is greater difficulty in doing the correct cleaning, the region may also present an unpleasant odor, dryness and even infections, such as urinary tract infections. 

Most cases of excess of the labia minora are genetic.

However, the use of anabolics and hormones can also change the size of the region. 

Even more, labiaplasty also reduces the discomfort caused by wearing tighter clothes, such as jeans.

Are there other types of labiaplasty?

In addition to the reduction of the small lips, there are also:

  • Reduction of the labia majora: occurs when there is laxity or hypertrophy of the labia majora;
  • Enlargement of the labia majora: to increase the labia majora when the patient suffers from atrophy or wants to balance the size in relation to the small ones.

In this post, we will pay attention to the first type, the most sought after among women. 

Incidentally, there is also laser labioplasty, which causes less bleeding and swelling, in addition to better recovery.

In this case, patients usually return to office work in 3 days.

Why are women turning to labiaplasty more?

As much as it may not seem so popular, labiaplasty is the fastest growing plastic surgery in the world !

But why do women look so hard for this procedure?

In most cases, the discomfort caused by the excess of small lips is psychological, which affects self-esteem: women feel embarrassed when they are naked before their partner.

However, the size discrepancy can impair even the area’s hygiene. One of the discomforts is that the lips can be pulled out during intercourse. 

During sex, the small lips fold into the vagina.

Depending on its size, friction can cause discomfort and even injury. If there is bleeding, investigate the cause with your gynecologist .

In addition, the ideal is that you have already had all the desired pregnancies, since natural childbirth can change the appearance of the small lips.

But if you don’t want to wait until you have children to have the operation, you can rest assured: labiaplasty does not interfere with normal birth at all.

How do I know if I can undergo a labiaplasty?

What characterizes the need for labiaplasty is the woman’s discomfort, since, unless it really harms cleaning, the simple asymmetry of lips does not require surgery.

However, it is common for women, looking for this type of procedure, to report numerous physical and psychological discomforts.

If you are considering doing an intimate retreading, see if it has any of these characteristics:

  • Pains in the region of the lips during activities that require contact of the region with any surface;
  • Disproportionate volume of the small vaginal lips;
  • Pain during sex caused by the sagging of the region;
  • Exaggerated discomfort with tight clothes;
  • Vaginal infections and recurrent cystitis.

Ideally, you have already gone through the puberty phase since, during this phase, the body undergoes numerous changes.

Also, think hard: it is a removal, so there is no way to reverse the surgery. 

Does the surgery leave scars?

Yes, all aesthetic procedures leave scars, even if minimal.

However, due to the type of stitch, skin and location, the marks are practically imperceptible. 

What are the advantages of labiaplasty?

If you are a very active woman and are afraid of having to go through a lot of discomfort, pain and rest days, do not worry: the labiaplasty is quick, not painful and with a minimum time of rest (a week at most).

By the way, in about 40 minutes of surgery, the problem will be solved.

One of the advantages is that there is no need for general surgery.

The anesthesiologist usually applies local anesthesia accompanied by sedation.

In addition, it can also be associated with other aesthetic procedures (such as abdominoplasty, liposuction and mammoplasty) or even intimate ones, such as monalisa touch (vaginal internal rejuvenation) and liposuction of the pubic mount (reduction of fat in the vulva).

So, if you prefer, you can do the desired surgeries in the same day.

If you choose only labiaplasty and everything goes as desired, you can be discharged on the same day of surgery. 

What are the types of labiaplasty?

There are two labioplasty techniques currently used by surgeons:

  • Triangular: the excess tissue is removed by means of a V-shaped incision. Thus, the anatomy of the small lips remains and the result is very natural. However, the risk of losing points is greater and may require retouching;
  •  Longitudinal: excess tissue is removed from the clitoris layer to the posterior part of the anus. In this case, the scar will be on the lip edge and, with that, it will be practically invisible.

How is the postoperative?

Although they can happen, it is very difficult for a patient to report severe pain or other types of problems related to the procedure.

However, it is normal for the region to be swollen and a little sensitive in the first days.

In fact, the important thing is to follow your doctor’s recommendations, which are usually:

  • Abstinence from physical activities for one month. However, light practices, such as walking, can be resumed in a few days;
  • Use of water and a little intimate soap to gently clean the treated area without rubbing. Completely dry the region;
  • Respect for rest time. The usual thing is that you won’t be able to go back to work until after 7 days;
  • Use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce discomfort;
  • Use of underwear and baggy pants or skirts;
  • Abstinence from sexual activity for one month.

The results can be seen in two months after surgery.

However, the scar matures and the complete recovery of the site occurs, on average, after six months.

After that time, you will clearly see the natural result that the surgery provides.

Labiaplasty does not cause loss of sensation, although it can be altered during recovery time.

Therefore, at the end of the rest period for activities that require more physical effort, you will be able to have quality sex again – or even better than before, since there will be no physical or psychological discomfort caused by excess skin.

Were women looking for labiaplasty influenced by pornography?

Not usually.

We know that pornography sells an ideal of sex and even a female body that is far removed from reality.

This would even justify people looking for nipple and anus whitening.

However, the woman looking for a labiaplasty has been uncomfortable with the problem for years.

Anyway, she suffers when wearing tight pants, when changing clothes in front of someone, when being naked in front of her partner and, amazed, sometimes even when sitting for a long time.

But if you are looking to make changes to your vagina for an ideal body sold by pornographic films, think about it.

This “reality” sold by fiction is totally false and can have serious consequences for your psychological health.

How to choose the right surgeon?

In addition to experience, the correct thing is to look for a professional accredited by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP).

Only registered surgeons can perform surgeries. It is safer and more certain that you will be performing a labioplasty with effective results.

At the first consultation, the surgeon must explain the technique that will be used, in addition to the risks and what you should do during pre- and post-surgery. 

Did you see how labiaplasty is not a seven-headed bug?

However, if you are not bothered by the disproportion of the small lips, or have difficulties in cleaning the area, you are not required to undergo surgery.

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