How and why does love begin? What is love

Everyone likes a good thing, but when you don’t like someone’s bad thing, think you love it. Love is the name of surrendering to the desire of the beloved by giving up one’s desire in every situation, whether it is comfort and sorrow or pain and sorrow, profit or loss. In love, man seems to change the universe. Rather, everything changes outwardly and inwardly. Life goes from prose to poetry. And there is no flaw in the beloved, even if it is seen, it is not felt, even if it is felt, it does not go unpleasant.

What is love?

Love and affection are two names for the same thing, to think of something as good and useful and to intend and desire it is love. The word love is derived from hub which means love and affection. The one who loves is called a lover, the one to be loved is called a lover. Love is the most subtle and pure emotion. This is the name of an emotional attachment. In which your whole world is your beloved. Which becomes your first priority. Scientists say that the spirit of love is present in every living creature on the planet, while medical experts say that love is the name of a chemical change that takes place in a specific part of the brain. Greek medicine has declared him insane and prescribed a cure for him.

Psychologists call love the natural attraction between a man and a woman. However, sociologists say that all loves except the opposite sex are subject to the requirements, needs and effects of society and the environment. There are different forms of love, such as love of God, love of the Messenger of God, Love for your loved ones and relatives, love for your parents, siblings, love for your wife and children, love for your home, love for your village, love for your animals, love for the world, love for the world, and so on.

Love is the name of crossing the boundaries of love. It is a state of insanity in which one’s intellect stops working. After that, the burden of profit and loss is gone. And the thought of getting a loved one is always on the mind. Due to which the lover is cut off from the world and becomes only of the beloved. Like Majnoon Laila’s, Pinnu Sasi’s, Ranjha Heer’s, Maiwal Sohni’s, Mirza Sahib was left speechless. The first stage of love is subconsciously subject to sexual attraction. While on the second stage, the lover begins to understand every aspect and every aspect of his beloved as good and in the end he reaches the destination of self-indulgence in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Ni.

By a poet:

This love is not easy, just understand that

There is a river of fire and drowning

The difference between love and affection

In love, the lover becomes blind because he does not see any flaw in his beloved, the beloved is the greatest being in the world for him, the attainment of which is the greatest goal of his life. It would not be wrong to say that love is the name of selfless and sincere emotions while love is the desire in which there is lust. Love is the name of an immortal spirit and truth, while love is the name of a mental disorder. Which pushes the lover into a world of thoughts where he finds only his beloved the best. And the desire of the beloved to get his purpose and desire is exceeding the limit day by day. And sometimes the jinn take his life.

The lover seeks peace for the whole world while the lover seeks only his sexual satisfaction. In the same way, love can be related to the Lord, the Messenger and everyone, while love is related only to the beloved. The difference between love and affection can also be explained in the way that the beloved remains the beloved, no one is in love while the beloved is not beloved unless there is a lover. Love can happen to anyone, anywhere, it can happen again and again but love happens only once and with the same entity, now whether that love is virtual or real love.

Why or how does love happen?

Once the difference between love and affection is known, the first question that comes to mind is why love happens, or how love happens. And what are its stages? And what is so special about this love is that it not only drives a person insane and insane. Allah Almighty has kept the attraction of the opposite sex in order to continue the continuity of the human race. Just as the two opposite ends of a magnet attract each other, so men and women are attracted to each other. However, this attraction depends on the response and performance of the next. There are many beautiful men and women in the world but what is the reason that apart from all of them one settles in the heart and we fall in love with it. There are many reasons for this. Everyone has some or the other adjective that affects us. Such as communication style, empathetic attitude,

The second reason for being in love is that the next one lifts us up. An example of this is that we meet a beautiful and virtuous person every day while we do not love him, but the one who smiles once. Takes a look And it gives us the opportunity to talk to him, or to look at him without hesitation. We are drawn to him. And as the relationship grows, so does the attachment. Takes the form of Love is a person who gives us time, understands our feelings. Because the most precious thing in this world, if anyone can give it to anyone, is a good time. When the connection is established and the relationship deepens, we feel extremely attracted to our beloved. In this attraction there is an uneasiness, anxiety, worry but a sweet feeling. And this passion is the cause of love


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