Why Love Is A Beautiful Thing.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. ” 1 Corinthians 13:13, a beautiful biblical verse and one of my inspirations because I will always and forever believe in love. Yes, you always and forever believe in love, no matter how painful it can be most of the time. Just go ahead and believe in love, no matter how many heart aches you have received. 

Live and believe in love, no matter how many failed relationships you’ve gone through. It is I who am saying that loving is such a beautiful thing. Despite the pain and suffering, that feeling once made you happy, excited, inspired, motivated, once you were in love. Pain, sadness, unhappiness and failure: we all experience them in life. But that doesn’t mean you should stop believing in love. 

Rather, you should use these feelings to be a better person when you meet “the only one”. For every ending there is always a new beginning. For every pain in the heart, there will always be a beautiful love story waiting for you. Believe in the power of love, because love never ends. Believe in any happy ending because they exist. If you still feel pain because of love, it’s not the end yet because the best is yet to come. One day you will be amazed that the only cure for a broken heart is another love. 

For all the people who no longer believe in love, for those ladies and gentlemen whose hearts have been broken, for those people who are still suffering and for all the people who have been part of failed relationships: Live! Just live! Go ahead! Go ahead! Be happy and always choose to love, because loving is a beautiful thing.

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