LOST ARK sailing guide

Here’s everything you need to know about sailing, finding underwater treasures, lifting cargo, hunting marine life and exploring sunken ships

Seafaring is one of the main components of the LOST ARK gameplay . Travel between continents here is carried out with the help of a ship, and players do not have to strictly adhere to a given course: they can freely explore nearby islands, catch and hunt marine life, and also search for sunken cargo and underwater treasures. In this guide, we will explain the key sailing mechanics.


The ships in LOST ARK are divided into seven types: Galleon, Karakka, Icebreaker, Caravel, Barque, Battleship, Clipper and Antique Frigate. You will receive your first vehicle, a galleon, during the passage of the storyline in Fort Royal, and for completing the main tasks you will have access to a karakka and an icebreaker. The Caravel can be obtained by collecting 400 Mokoko Seeds. The rest of the ships will be available in the next game updates.

Ship in port

  1. Appearance of the selected ship
  2. Types of ships. The ships owned by the player are highlighted in blue, the ship selected by the player is highlighted in yellow
  3. Ship capabilities affecting possible skills
  4. Ship characteristics
  5. Ship crew
  6. Ship durability and customization – sail color and crew management.

You can upgrade your chosen vessel using the resources found in the vast seas of Akrasia. With an increase in the level of the vessel, its characteristics will increase, as well as the number of sailors who can be taken into the crew of the crew.

Improving the ship

While in port, you can control your crew by selecting the appropriate option at the bottom corner of the screen. Sailors have a unique set of skills that affect the abilities or characteristics of a ship. Contracts with future team members can be obtained in various ways: for example, purchased on merchant ships for “sea” currency – Pirate doubloons, Sailor Gyene’s tokens, received as a reward upon reaching a certain level of reputation with some non-player characters, or by completing story and main tasks.

Important: While on the high seas you can use the crew management option to see the list of sailors at your disposal, crew changes can only be made in port.

But first you need to anchor

Bonuses to characteristics and skills obtained from sailors and from a specific type of ship do not add up. Instead, the maximum score of one of the bonuses is used. By the way, do not forget that some sailors are “tied” to the type of ship: that is, they can only be in the command of a particular ship.

In the port, you can decorate the sails of the galleon, karakka, barge and battleship with drawings

Pay close attention to the ship’s strength points – as you sail, the hull wears out and the ship loses strength. Repairs are carried out in the port or on the islands marked on the world map. The main currency used when selecting this option is silver.

At zero durability, a shipwreck occurs. In this case, repairs will cost more and can only be done at the port. The main thing is that for some time you will not be able to go to sea on this vessel.


Luck points and events at sea

Every time you fish with a net, lift treasure chests from the bottom, or engage in other marine events, luck points are spent. Thanks to the collected Souls of the Islands, this indicator can be increased.

Luck points are restored regardless of whether you are in the game or not.

At zero, you will not receive a reward

There are several types of marine activities: fishing with nets, lifting cargo, searching for sunken treasures, hunting and exploring sunken ships. The places where you can do one of the listed activities are marked on the minimap. The holes are divided into four types of rarity: green, blue, purple and orange. The higher the rarity of the hole, the better the reward, but you will also spend more luck points. Exceptions are hunting for marine life and the study of sunken ships.

Important: the presence of a certain sailor in the team increases the level of skills used in engaging in naval activities.

Fishing with nets is a marine activity. Go to the hole and use the Fishing skill to get a reward. While this skill is activated, the ship’s speed will be reduced. Fish can be caught anywhere, not only in a special hole.

Fishing with nets

Lifting cargo is a type of maritime activity. Go to the hole and use the skill “Lifting sunken cargo”.

If your final skill level is lower than the level of the hole found, it will be impossible to receive the full reward.

Lifting sunken cargo

Traveling the seas of Akrasia, from time to time you will find ships crashed on reefs. With the help of the “Undermining reefs” skill, you can remove the obstacle and freely explore the sunken ship.

Important: if you do not have enough luck points, the chance of successfully planting a bomb is significantly reduced, as a result of which an explosion can destroy the sunken ship itself. The higher the level of the skill “Exploding Reefs”, the better the reward you can get during the research.

Investigation of sunken ships

Searching for underwater treasures is a marine activity. Go to the hole and use the skill “Search for underwater treasures”.

You can start hunting sea animals using the Throw Harpoon skill. It is worth being prepared for resistance from the inhabitants of the seas of Akrasia – they can deprive you of your vision for a while or try to escape at an increased speed.

Sea hunting

While traveling around the world of Akrasia, you will find barrels with random contents or meet people who have been shipwrecked, picking them up, you will receive a gift: Pirate doubloons, cards, resources for improving the ship and other items.

Merchant ships travel between continents, offering players contracts with sailors, resources to improve the ship, and they can also change the fish caught and materials obtained during the sea hunt.

There are nomadic merchant ships in the sea, from which you can buy sailors, items for improving ships and other useful items.

By the way, while exploring the seas in LA, you can come across a dangerous ghost ship. For defeating the mystical ship, the player will receive a rare sailor, pirate doubloons and other items, but this is a topic for a separate guide. Therefore, stay with us to learn more about the dangers that await sailors in LOST ARK in the future.


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