LOST ARK Guide – 100 Frequently Asked Newbies (FAQ)

We answer the most common questions that may arise while playing LOST ARK

After the recent BlizzCon 2019, critics and players began to actively compare the announced Diablo 4 with LOST ARK , noting the latter’s contribution to the development of the genre. Moreover, LA does many cool things that we most likely will not see even in Diablo 4: this is not just an action RPG, but a large-scale MMO with a picturesque world where you can engage not only in the extermination of monsters, but also look for treasures, tinker equipment and interact in every way with other players. All in all, if you love Diablo-style games, but don’t know what to do before the next installment, then it’s time to start playing LOST ARK.… Well, in order to somehow reduce the threshold of entry, in this guide we have collected answers to the most frequent questions that beginners may have before the start of the game or already in the first hours of its passage.

Technical and other questions before starting

What computer do you need for LOST ARK (game system requirements)?

Minimum system requirements:

  • Operating system:Windows 7 (64-bit only).
  • Processor:Intel Core i3-3225 / AMD FX 6300.
  • Video card:Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon R7 260.
  • RAM:4 gigabytes.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Operating system:Windows 10 x64.
  • Processor:Intel Core i5-6500 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X.
  • Video card:Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon R9 270.
  • RAM:8 gigabytes.

What is the genre of LOST ARK?

Action MMORPG. Quote from the official site: “LOST ARK is a game that combines the classic gameplay of old school isometric action RPGs with elements of MMO games.”

What is the style of the game?

Medieval fantasy with steampunk elements.

Is it free to play?

Yes. All core content is available for free, but you can purchase a premium account for additional bonuses.

What exactly does a premium account provide?

Every day you get a number of bonuses that make the game somewhat easier: potions with bonuses to characteristics, a feather of resurrection, as well as various other boosts and consumables to save time. Among the latter, for example, there are items for quickly completing daily tasks (they are quite expensive).

When will open beta testing (OBT) end / when will LOST ARK be released in Russia?

Not yet known.

How do I take a screenshot?

If you want to take a close-up shot, just zoom in on the camera with the mouse wheel and press Print Screen.

Which server should you choose?

The busiest server at the end of 2019 is Kratos. There are many foreigners on the Sirion. And the Antares server is the freest.

How to play with a friend?

Go to one server (“Sirion”, “Kratos” or “Antares”) and add a friend to the group. Please note that experience will not be cumulative.

How to create a beautiful character?

Players post ready-made presets on social networks. You can take one of them as a basis.

How do I create an account?

Go to the website LA.Mail.ru and click “Register” .

How do I change controls?

The key layout cannot be changed. But you can turn on the mouse wheel inversion.

How do I make the font larger / how do I make the font larger?

In the December 4, 2019 update, the default font has been slightly increased. Try to set the maximum scale of the interface.

How to remove black bars at the top and bottom in 1280×1024 (4: 3) / how to make the game full screen?

At the moment, they cannot be removed, since the game was developed for the 16: 9 format.

Classes, pumping, skills

How do I change skill sets?

This can be done in the skill interface (K).

How to level up fast?

Complete the storyline completely. Then complete the quest chains marked in blue.

What is the maximum level?

50th level. However, the game doesn’t end there (see below).

What to do after level 50 (leveled)?

You can continue to complete daily tasks, go to the Chaos dungeons, pick up the maximum equipment, pump the profession, fill the Atlas, pump Legacy levels and much more.

How do I change a class or subclass?

You cannot quickly switch between classes. We’ll have to create a new character.

How do I view damage per second (DPS)?

It can only be calculated manually.

Which shooter is better?

Each of the Arrow subclasses has its own strengths for different play styles. The most balanced of these is the Demon Hunter . He easily switches between ranged, medium and melee, but does not do the most damage. The Mechanist is slow, but deals a lot of damage in areas. And the Ranger is more suitable for dealing large one-time damage from afar.

How to get the Awakening skill (“ultu”)?

Closer to the end of the storyline, you will receive a task for the Awakening skill if you manage to reach level 50. It will be necessary to go to Trision to Beatrice. You can get there by playing Trision’s Song (F2 key) near the Chaos Dungeon statue in Bern. The skill will be issued after completing a special task and placed in the inventory. It will need to be activated.

Which class should you choose?

There is no definite advice here. It all depends on your playing style and skills. Try completing the prologue for each of the main classes to familiarize yourself with their basic mechanics.

Which class is stronger in PvP?

Many players recommend Avatar (Monk) , Crusher (Warrior) , Arcanologist (Mage) or Demon Hunter (Archer) , but it is possible, of course, that your favorite class is more suitable for you if you have not played any of the above.


What equipment (“gear”) to choose?

This question is irrelevant up to the maximum level 50. After reaching – see the question “Which set is better to collect?” below.

What set of equipment (set) is better to collect?

It all depends on what you like to do in the game. The easiest way to get the Chaos Pack is by simply going on raids in the respective dungeons.

How to make a Guardian set?

You need to go to raids on the Guardians. Defeat them until each of the 8 drops materials for creating set elements.

Where can I get equipment for level 50?

Clear Heroic Dungeons, as well as raid Guardians (Guardian Set ), clear Platinum Fields ( Artisan Set ), visit Halls of Chaos ( Chaos Set ), or participate in PvP arena battles ( Gladiator ‘s hardest set ).

How to engrave?

You need to complete the corresponding training assignment in Bern.

Where can I get the images?

See How to Create a Beautiful Character above.

The ships

Which ship should you choose?

All ships that can be obtained as you progress through quests, find or buy, are useful for different tasks.

How do I get the Bakstum ship?

It will be issued as you progress through the story.

How to get the ship “Pneuma”?

Collect 400 Mococo Seeds.

How do I get the Brahms ship?

You need to complete the daily courier delivery tasks from Epona.

How do I get a ghost ship?

You can’t get it.

Co-op play, guilds

How to create a guild?

First you need to go through the storyline before the siege of the city of Lutheran (about 30 character level). After that, access to the guild functionality will appear (Alt + U). In the guild window, you can join an existing one or create your own on the second tab.

How to create a group (party)?

Move the mouse over the player you are interested in, press Ctrl + RMB and select “Invite to group” from the menu that appears.

How to leave a group (party)?

Move the pointer over the window with your name, press Ctrl + RMB and select “Leave group”.

Resources, economy

Where to pick mushrooms?

Most of them are on the Platinum fields . You can get there through the table with the Royal Orders in Bern, Lutheran or Ardetein .

Where to get (buy) Lazenis feathers?

You can purchase them in the in-game store ( F4 ) or get them for free for various achievements. In addition, Lazenis feathers are given every day to the owners of a premium account, as well as for participation in various events.

Where to get (buy) crystals?

Crystals can be bought for real money or received as a reward for completing storyline and other tasks, for advancing reputation with characters, for pumping Legacy (see below in the “Glossary” section), and also bought on the exchange for gold.

Where to get (buy) fetranite?

The most reliable way is to get it from the defeated world boss. Also often given rewards in the form of fetranite for marine activity. In addition, Fetranite can be bought from some merchants or obtained after spraying unnecessary items (see below).

Why are old gold coins needed?

They can be sold for silver.

Why do you need a sea emerald?

It can be exchanged for other useful items at merchant ships.

Why do you need cashew nuts?

This is the currency on the island of Tortoik.

Why do you need gold (and where to get it)?

It is the main currency for auction and player-to-player trading. You can earn at the auction itself (by speculation) for completing the “Cube” dungeon, for activities at sea and after successful raids on world bosses. Gold is also given out as a reward for secret dungeons (they require a treasure map).

Where to farm silver?

The easiest way to save silver is by going through dungeons and sorting out unnecessary things that accumulate. After disassembling, you can sell the trash, and keep the useful materials for yourself. And when you get to the sea voyage, you can get a lot of silver by lifting chests. In addition, silver is awarded for completing daily and other tasks.

Where to get acrasium?

Free Acrasium can be obtained no earlier than level 50. They will be awarded for daily, weekly and other regular tasks, as well as for participating in various events. In addition, Acrasium can be purchased from the Black Market .

Where to get cryolite?

Occasionally it can be obtained by collecting other resources in the Platinum Fields . The main way is to get 20 purple ore units and exchange them for cryolite. In addition, cryolite can be purchased at auction.

Where to exchange smoky topaz (herbion) for platinum coins?

In major cities, characters who exchange platinum coins.

Why spray things?

Sometimes you can get rare resources this way. It’s also a great way to free up a lot of inventory space.

How to use the auction?

You need to find the auction manager in one of the big cities like Bern or Lutheran.

How to use the exchange?

We need a different character. He is usually next to the auction manager.

Geography, location of characters

How to use the teleport (portal)?

Teleports only work within one continent or island. You can move instantly to any previously activated teleport by simply opening the map and clicking on the desired location.

Where can I find an auction?

In one of the major cities.

How to get to the Halls of Chaos?

This is a building in any of the major cities. It is called the Halls of Chaos .

How to get to Shuvierd?

You will get there by going through the storyline.

How to get to Singing Island?

It is located near the mainland of Tortoik . It appears every 3 hours.

How to get to the Ash Mountains?

You can get there after passing the storyline. Ash is located on the mainland of North Bern .

How to get to the Tower of Shadows?

Through the table with the Royal Orders in Bern, Lutheran or Stern .

How to get to Rohendel?

It will become available later, in one of the updates.

How to get to Bern?

According to the plot.

Where is Rodrik the Cursed?

At the Cemetery in the Borderlands .

Where to look for sunken ships?

They meet during sea travel.

Where to look for the leader of the “Mossy Jackals”?

In an abandoned ruin at Sunset Pass .

Where to look for the salt giant?

In the Salt Waste near Ul’Dahar.


Why is Runaan’s golden mask needed?

These are the kind of artifacts that can be collected.

Why are Mokoko seeds needed?

This is a special collectible currency that can be exchanged for various unique items.

Why is King Duka’s artificial eye needed?

It is an artifact that can be sold or stored dearly.

What is the Shen’Val rune fragment for?

This is an artifact that can be exchanged near the tables with Royal Orders.

Where can I find the mark of the black fang?

  • Exchange on Sunflower Islandfor relics.
  • Complete the weekly quest to find drifting pirates (issued by a girl on a raft at sea).
  • Receive for rescuing pirates.

Where to find the staff of Asclepius the Wyrmtongue?

Can be dropped by any monster. But the drop rate is very low.

Where can I find the Prismatic Gem?

It can also occasionally drop from any monster.

Where can I find mococo seeds?

They are found in most of the main locations. Take advantage of the interactive map.

Where to find fragile coral?

On Turtle Island, after completing the main location quest.

Where to look for a tiny acrasium?

It is issued as a reward for completing the daily and weekly quests of the Ephonian Confederation, completing quests on the islands, and for many other activities. It can also be bought from the Black Market or obtained from weekly rank 1 chests.

Where to find the Bilbrin dashing bloom?

On the mainland is Western Lutheria .

Where can I find the 5th Ark?

In the current version of the game, only 4 arks can be found.

Crafting and creating items

How to make a potion?

You need to collect plants, mushrooms and other materials for making. Then the potion can be made by the Alchemist in any major city.

How to make a bonfire?

You need to master the profession of a lumberjack at the basic level.

How to make a cut?

There are fetranite cutters in large cities .

How to make lollipops?

Travel to the Salt Desert and collect the Salt Caramel Crystal from the Salt Flats . Many times until the lollipop falls out.

How to make a vigorous pepper tincture?

It is necessary that the shelf life of a weak pepper tincture expires.


What is Legacy?

This is pumping after the maximum level. Applies to all characters from the same server at the same time if they have reached level 50.

What is attrition?

This is an additional attack effect besides damage. It helps to knock down the concentration (purple bar) especially strong opponents (bosses and mini-bosses) in order to temporarily immobilize them.

What is Massacre?

This is the LOST ARK battle royale mode.

What is support?

This is the role of one of the group members. Classes with a predominance of defensive or supporting skills like Minstrel (Mage) or Guardian (Warrior) are best suited for support .

What is HS?

This is short for Gear Score.

What is Rufenite?

This is a special currency that is worth saving before reaching level 50. Then it can be spent on the purchase of expensive cosmetic items.

What are shillings?

This silver is the main currency.


I deleted the character, but the nickname remained occupied. Why?

Apparently your character was above level 30. In this case, the nickname will be released no earlier than after 7 days. Nicknames of characters level 50+ are released after 30 days.

Why are maps needed?

Decks in the future can be used to play cards with some NPCs. Now they can simply be stored.

Where can I find the Roar (Battle Cry) emote?

Complete the quest “New Sea Master” at the location “Island of Liberty”. This emotion can also be knocked out in the Chaos Halls .

Where to find sharks?

You need to buy sailors with harpoons on one of the hunting ships. Then go hunting in the sea.

Why go to the Guardians?

For the extraction of rare materials and equipment. Including materials for creating a Guardian set.

Why do you need a tournament winner plate?

It can be used as a material for making powerful weapons.

How do I get a (white) wolf?

You will get it by completing story quests on the northern continent.

How do I get a turtle?

Reach level 50 first. After that, head to Turtle Island. It is located in the middle of the Gyaena ocean . Complete the main location quest.

How to get all emotions?

  • Bragging- Purchase in the Ash Mountains with Purple Labyrinth Fragments.
  • “Battle Cry and Threat”- can be knocked out in the Halls of Chaos.
  • “Pain”- complete the plague quest for the Efonian union.
  • “Plea”- complete the purple quest on the Runaway Village
  • Despair- Complete the purple quest on Totosilver Island.
  • “Bow”- complete the yellow quests in Lutheran’s library.
  • Taunt- Buy on Liberty Island for 20 Marks of the Black Fang.
  • “Joy”- make friends with Pen on the island of Tortoik.
  • Warm-up- 80% full atlas of Western Lutheria.
  • “Heart”- Complete the main quest on Totopia Island.
  • “Boredom”- 70% complete atlas of Artemis.
  • “Shame”- complete the quest from the island of Lieberheim, which will lead to the island of Bikini.
  • Dance 2- Complete the yellow quest on the Paradise Waves ship.
  • “Direction”- fill in the Ardetine atlas 90%.
  • Flirt- Buy for 5000 silver coins from Yuri on the Paradise Waves ship.
  • Laughter- Buy from Kir-Rik in East Lutheria (Birnian Valley). To get to it, you must first complete the yellow quest chain.

How do I get all songs?

There are currently 10 tracks in the game. The first 4 can be obtained by completing the quest storyline. The remaining 6 are for exploring the world and completing quests in the main locations.

Write in the comments for other questions or clarifications. Share wisdom with other players!


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