LOST ARK: Character Creator Features

Although you cannot customize bodies in the LOST ARK editor , you can extensively edit the hero’s face. At the same time, creating a beautiful character is extremely simple, since you can choose a ready-made and beautiful template and only make a few edits. Even the random appearance function works great here and doesn’t create ugly aliens.

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Interesting features of the editor

  1. The gender of the character is tied directly to the class. Only girls can be magicians and monks. Warriors and archers are men.
  2. Different classes differ not only in gender, but also in appearance. For example, female monks have a larger physique than sorcerers.
  3. Also, the classes differ from each other in the appearance settings. The set of hairstyles, ready-made faces and tattoos is different everywhere.

Images and movements

These features help you look at your character in different costumes and animations. For example, you can make the hero dance.


If you managed to create an attractive character and you want to use this appearance in the future, then select the template number and click “Save”. In the case when you need to unload the exterior, click on the “Load” button by selecting one of the highlighted cells.

General settings

One of the options for a ready-made male face. By the way, does it remind anyone?

One of the options for the finished face

One of the options for a ready-made male face. By the way, does it remind anyone?

One of the options for the finished face

One of the options for a ready-made male face. By the way, does it remind anyone?

Sometimes it takes a long time to create a beautiful character. In this case, you can choose something from the ready-made options. This way you get a base that you can tweak a little if you want, for example, to change only the hairstyle.

The “Random Model” button allows the game to automatically create your character. This function is suitable for those who do not like ready-made options. If in editing the appearance you turned the wrong way, click “Reset All” to return to the initial settings.


In this menu, you can do editing directly on the face. You can use ready-made options. As in “General”, here you can trust random settings, as well as perform a reset.


If you want to customize everything as detailed as possible, select “Advanced settings”, where you can separately edit the eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, jaw, nose and mouth.


Here you can choose a hairstyle and set the hair color using the gradient circle, which allows you to create any color. In this case, you can adjust the “Brightness”, and if you lower this scale to the maximum, you get black. “Intensity” and “Coverage” will adjust the shine of the hair.


The eye setup is also quite extensive. You can make the character have two eyes with different colors if you choose asymmetry. With the help of brightness, you can remove the pupils. And after playing with flowers, the hero can be given a demonic look.


The skin settings also let you do just about anything. The hero can be made black, like a dark elf or demon.


Finally, you can make up your heroine. You can also add a tattoo, and also change the ears, making them look like animals


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