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All interesting and useful information in one place: objects, characters, secrets and differences from the computer version

Not so long ago, I entered the open beta test of Auto Chess and in a couple of weeks managed to get to the top of the most popular games on mobile devices. This is a reworked version of the popular Dota 2 custom mode , specially prepared for ease of use on mobile platforms. It’s really much more convenient to play this way, and the modified graphics looks much nicer than their counterpart.

Many players have not yet had time to fully familiarize themselves with all the mechanics, so for a faster immersion in the intricacies of Auto Chess, below all useful information is collected in one place.

Rules of the game

Instructional text section in the menu

First of all, we press the “Start” button, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen and wait for the connection to the game lobby.

Searching for a game takes a couple of seconds

After loading all opponents, our battlefield appears on the screen, on which players will have to fight in the next 15-45 minutes. It should be noted right away that one battle takes quite a long amount of time, so it is recommended to sit comfortably in a chair or lie on a sofa to fully immerse yourself in the game.

The game loads very quickly on powerful mobile devices

A standard format (8×8) chess field awaits us, on which we will have to place our troops. However, this can only be done in your allied half (4×8), so it is worth using melee heroes on the front line, and letting out ranged attacks behind the backs of tanks, because enemy characters will meet on the opposite side.

At the bottom of the screen, the developers have placed special slots for heroes that are in stock and are not currently participating in the battle.

This is what a chessboard battle looks like

The beginning of each round is marked by the appearance of a new set of heroes, which are always generated in random order, so players need to choose the most suitable option for the upcoming battle.

Choose a character that suits your tactics best

If at the moment there are not enough resources, and the set that appears has the desired hero, then you can fix this peak by pressing the lock button until the number of our coins is replenished.

The numbers in the center of the screen show the maximum number of characters that can be used in the next combat round. If there are more on the field than the game allows at the moment, then the extra ones will be thrown back into the inventory. That is why it is not necessary to always buy heroes by filling it as much as possible and spending all the money. Choose the most necessary, based on the existing set for collecting the combination, or the strongest, the price of which suggests rarity.

It would not seem at first glance, but combinations are one of the main game mechanics, the correct use of which will lead to the victory we need. However, it is better to consider this issue in as much detail as possible a little later.

So, after choosing the first hero, the game began!

The initial 3 rounds are very easy and are required for capital accumulation because the opponents are the creeps controlled by the game. In the future, rounds start in which our previously assembled squad appears on the battlefield against the characters of other heroes. In a random order, the game offers an opponent for each round, and the player who has pieces on the battlefield wins the battle. A draw is also possible, but only in the rarest of cases.

The essence of the whole game is to destroy enemy characters in each round.

At the beginning of the session, each of the opponents has 100 lives, but with each loss, their number decreases. Thus, the only remaining player wins, who will take the big reward.

As previously stated, each session takes quite a long time, so in the future it is worth counting on the necessary updates designed to optimize the spent playing time.


If you’re lucky, you can collect a rare item

Another distinctive feature of this kind of chess is the appearance of special gifts in boxes during the battle on the battlefield. Most often, such items appear in the place of killed bots. Each box gives you access to one item that you can put in your inventory and equip on one of your chosen figures. It is quite natural that it is worthwhile to distribute the received bonuses wisely, that is, you should not give the melee hero a staff for the magician, and transfer the shield to the archer.

Each character in the game has its own description, so each player can familiarize himself with all the information about the figure, its abilities and type, and it is easy to understand who needs it more. You shouldn’t leave them for the next rounds, but it is better to immediately transfer them to the character, because they give a noticeable serious advantage.

From the simple items that we received from the gift boxes, with the proper luck, you can collect a more substantial item.

To do this, you need to click on an item in the player’s or figure’s inventory, then a recipe will appear, adding the components of which will improve the initial item to a more powerful one for destroying enemies.

A list of all items can be viewed both in the game and in the main menu, however, for convenience, you can familiarize yourself with all the information below in a special section.

How to choose shapes

Total 58 characters available

Each hero in the game has its own race and class (profession in Russian translation), which gives certain improvements. For example, if you use two figures of the Cave race on the battlefield, then they will receive 250 HP, and when placing four, each of them will increase their health by 350 HP.

That is why it is necessary to make successful combinations and use the maximum number of bonuses, otherwise there will be no chance to win.

The description of the character with all its characteristics does not look very convenient

Some figures have 2 races at once, so such combinations allow you to get double bonuses. Combos also work for hero professions. For example, by exposing the figures of the Master class, we get an improvement in health regeneration. In the first rounds, opponents hit poorly, but such a bonus can decide the outcome of the entire game at the last stage.

Be sure to raise the player’s level, then you can release more pieces into battle, which will also help in long matches.

We definitely advise you to spend a little time studying all the features of the characters, their races, professions, items, which will allow you to understand who to use at each stage of the game.

There is one more trick for strengthening friendly troops: 3 identical figures, displayed on the battlefield, allow you to get an improvement by pressing the corresponding button next to the model, turning them into a more powerful hero. Such characters can also be improved by collecting 3 already improved warriors.

How different from fashion

The custom map is originally called “Dota Auto Chess”

First of all, it is worth noting that Drodo Studio in the custom Dota 2 map has run a little ahead at the moment than in the mobile version of the game. After all the errors in the application are removed, the developers will definitely release new updates that will add many new chips that are already used in the computer version. However, you shouldn’t wait for big changes until the game is officially released.

Now it’s worth considering the main differences between the official mobile game and the Dota 2 mod.


  • You can collect items instantly, you do not need to wait for the end of the round to improve the item, and the system for determining the components to improve the artifact has been made more convenient, so all actions are made intuitive, which is undoubtedly a huge advantage of the mobile version.
  • The “Upgrade” button appears automatically when collecting 3 heroes in slots or on the board.
  • Characters are highlighted with special colors when there are certain figures in the reserve slots and on the table, which makes it easier to assemble the best set for battle.
  • At the end of the round, the statistics of the battle of all players and the amount of money earned by the player are displayed.
  • Redesigned graphics of the map and figure models to be more pleasant for mobile gaming, although it is a questionable action.
  • DPS is calculated in real time for each character involved in the battle.
  • Convenient location of the values ​​of the characteristics of the characters collected by the player in one menu, which makes it much easier to find out what is needed to receive additional bonuses.
  • Using the fist-shaped icons next to the enemy icon, you can watch the battles of other players with one click.
  • Improved work of artificial intelligence, thanks to which some errors of the computer version do not occur.


  • There is no way to automatically improve heroes and items when performing the necessary actions.
  • The system of using inventory with reserve heroes and items has not been fully worked out, which in some moments makes it difficult to arrange the characters, as a result of which there is a lack of time and the possibility of an unsuccessful next round.

List of all characters and their characteristics

The game is now available in Russian localization, but there are too many funny moments and mistakes, so many players prefer to play the game only in English. Many who have already tested the original computer version can easily get confused in the new names of the characters, their races, so you should first of all familiarize yourself with the changed models and names, For example, the Elves in the mobile version are called Feathered, and Orcs are renamed to the Cave Clan.

For convenience, below is information about all races and heroes with their original names, including in English and Russian in the mobile version, as well as all the characteristics, divided into three levels of improvements, and special abilities.


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