When to look for an orthopedist? Understand here!

Sometimes, one or another muscle or joint pain can appear on a daily basis and remain uncomfortable, which raises doubts about when to see an orthopedist. This professional is among the most popular medical specialists, requested by patients of different age groups.

The orthopedist monitors and ensures the health of the locomotor system, that is, of all symptoms, traumas, diseases and injuries involving bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Thus, it is up to him to order tests, recommend medications and prescribe physical therapy in order to ensure the rehabilitation and quality of life of each individual. To learn more about when it is necessary to use the services of this professional, read on.

When to look for an orthopedist?

Back pains

The spine, composed of cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacrum is a complex structure that supports the human body. She can present several problems throughout her life due to postural errors when sitting, sleeping, lifting weight in a bad way or even sedentary lifestyle .

Therefore, back pain requires special attention from the orthopedist if it persists for more than two weeks, since, from them, it is possible to diagnose and treat the problems presented before they affect the patient’s daily life.

After all, complaints can range from simple low back pain to arthrosis, herniated disc, scoliosis and neck pain , especially common today because of the position in which we hold the neck while touching the cell phone.

Sprains and suspected dislocations

Were you running down the street and suddenly turned your foot? Depending on how the accident occurs, it can be commonplace. But in other cases, permanent swelling throughout the day casts suspicions about a dislocation and, in more serious circumstances, a torn ligament.

Only by going to a specialist doctor is it possible to do the radiographic exams and confirm which treatment is necessary to follow.

Chronic diseases

Chronic illnesses related to bones, tendons and muscles are good reasons to seek out an orthopedist.

If you have a family history of osteoporosis and osteopenia, it is important to visit this doctor regularly, especially with advancing age , in order to perform a bone densitometry exam and to check if there is any impairment of this structure that could cause musculoskeletal damage in the future.

In addition, problems such as tendinitis and bursitis, quite common in the hands, shoulders and knees, capable of compromising quality of life and caused by repetitive movements, may require special attention, with physiotherapy and good non-invasive rehabilitation.

Old traumas

Have you had any falls or trauma of an orthopedic nature in the past and have you experienced pain in the same region again? For example, did you sprain your foot more than a year ago and have an uncomfortable recurrence even after you have had all the treatment? Caution!

After the recommended physical therapy or rehabilitation, it is not normal to have the same symptoms again after a long period. If an old trauma is bothering you again without a new injury or collision, it is good to talk to the orthopedist and perform new tests to see if something has been badly corrected.

Muscle aches

He started doing weight training at the gym and has been excited about the results and the new exercises he performs, but does he feel an uncomfortable little pain in his lower back whenever he finishes a squat or does he use the leg press ? It can be a good sign of when to look for an orthopedist.

After practicing physical activities or on a daily basis, muscle pains can be a frequent presence both for professionals who sit for long periods and for those who spend the entire day standing up.

However, its chronic aspect is a negative indicator that requires medical attention. Sometimes, only with rests, stretches and strength exercises it is possible to get around them. But, before that, it is worth talking to the professional and clarifying your doubts.

Accidents and fractures

Although care is always taken to avoid accidents, they are sometimes unavoidable. Dropped down? Had a car collision? Did you break your arm, your leg, your finger? The orthopedist is the one who will take care of you to ensure that all necessary treatment will be followed, preventing the very intense pain from coming back in the future.

The orthopedic emergency is usually very requested and prevents exposed fractures or more serious accidents from compromising the health of the patient who presents them. Thus, it is up to this professional to correct any musculoskeletal problems and damages resulting from trauma.

What tests are requested by an orthopedist?

In any of the cases presented above, the doctor needs to order some tests to analyze the integrity and possible inflammations in the ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones.

Below, find out the main exams requested by this medical specialist:

  • X-ray: exam that looks for soft tissue fractures. Helps to identify, for example, irregularities in the spine and suspected herniated disc;
  • bone densitometry: complete assessment of the body, observing its bone density and composition. Fundamental for monitoring cases of osteopenia and osteoporosis;
  • ultrasound: checks the function and degree of impairment of the affected limb. Quite requested for patients who have tendonitis and other inflammations;
  • tomography: allows to visualize the lesion and the region that needs treatment through three-dimensional vision. Computerized examination;
  • magnetic resonance imaging : it is the most complex procedure, capable of identifying everything from simple trauma to tumors and problems in the organs capable of causing pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Now that you know more about the topic and when looking for an orthopedist, it is important to maintain daily care and attention to any unusual symptoms to prevent your problems from becoming chronic and the pain becoming constant in your routine. Having good medical care and following the recommended rehabilitation care guarantees health and quality of life regardless of your age or condition.

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