Long-term rental agreement: how to read it

The long-term car rental contract is a document of about 20 pages that must always be read: how can we not forget anything?

Here is an article in which we explain it step by step . 

Offer parameters

Each offer consists of three fundamental elements :

  1. the duration of the contract,
  2. the kilometers included,
  3. the advance.

In some offers, such as the one proposed by brumbrum in partnership with Arval Service Lease Italia, the kilometers are predetermined, in others the Customer chooses how many kilometers to include in the rental contract.
As for the advance (not to be confused with the security deposit), it serves to lower the monthly fee which will be reduced the more the greater its value.
The security deposit , on the other hand, is paid when requested by the renter as a greater guarantee on the rental agreement and is eventually returned. His presence, however, does not reduce the rental fee.
Both the advance and the security deposit are always paid a few weeks (or even months) before the delivery of the car and are used to finalize the rental contract between the end customer and the renter.

Services included in the fee

The services included in the offer usually include ordinary maintenance , understood as periodic servicing , and extraordinary maintenance for the restoration of mechanical failures or vehicle production anomalies.
To reduce the fee, however, it is possible, in some cases, that maintenance is not included and that it is left to the customer.
Another service usually included in the fee is roadside assistance 24 hours a day, useful if the vehicle remains immobilized due to damage, accident, fire, tire puncture, exhaustion or incorrect refueling and loss or breakage of keys. Each renter applies the coverage of this service more

Insurance coverage

With regard to insurance coverage, all rental proposals include the inclusion in the fee of the coverage , mandatory by law, RCA for damage caused to third parties while the car is in circulation.

In addition to the RCA, additional insurance guarantees are usually included in the fee that cover the Driver for damage to his car resulting from accidents, accidental damage, vandalism or natural events, even if not mandatory by law. The insurance package is completed with additional guarantees to cover theft and fire events and damage to the windows.
Often the whole of this package of additional insurance guarantees is called Kasko .

Finally, some contracts also include coverage for accidents occurring to the driver (also known as PAI), which is not mandatory by law.

For all insurance coverage it is always useful to evaluate the presence or absence of deductibles (or limitations of liability ) and also to evaluate their amount.
The higher the amount of the deductibles, the lower the economic protection for the Driver in the event of damage occurring and consequently the rental contract fee tends to be lower.
It is also important to know the amount for the TPL and Driver Accident insurance ceilings because as this amount increases, the economic protection of the Driver also increases and consequently the competitiveness of the rent suffers.

As in the case of maintenance, even for additional insurance coverage it is possible that they are not included in the basic fee, to reduce it; in this case the Customer will be personally liable for damages.

Payment services

Among the services that can usually be subscribed for a fee, there are the replacement of tires with an additional train to replace the old ones worn out during the rental period or with the set of thermal tires for the winter season.
Depending on the individual hirer, the tire replacement service may or may not include the repair service in the event of a puncture; while the deposit of the replaced tires and their assembly / disassembly is always included in the service.

The additional cost of this service compared to the basic fee of a rental contract is usually equivalent to the costs incurred by the Driver , in case he independently replaces tires by relying on his trusted tire dealer.

Another service that can be subscribed to for a fee is that of the replacement car made available to the driver in the event of a technical stop of the car in the workshop for maintenance. Depending on the hirer, it is made available in case the car is stopped in the workshop for interventions lasting more than 4 or 8 hours.

Recently, an innovative temporary car assignment service has been introduced in the long-term rental market to meet the need for immediate mobility by those Customers who have to wait for delivery times for a new factory car and not. still available in stock.
The novelty of this new formula, proposed by brumbrum in partnership with Arval Service Lease Italia , consists in guaranteeing the Customer a temporary car in a few days from the signing of the long-term rental contract, while maintaining the same monthly fee as the long-term rental. term.

Taxes and other charges

The registration and roading costs are always included in the long-term rental offers and the same applies to the road tax, even if the legislation on the latter tax is evolving and there may be changes in the short term.

Delivery time

Although delivery times are never indicated in the rental agreement, it is good to know that they may vary according to the type of order placed.
For cars already produced and available at the sales network, delivery times are around two months, time to manage the administrative process, logistic handling and vehicle preparation, while for cars with customized configurations from Customer, which need to be ordered from the manufacturer, delivery times may vary from 4 to 7 months approximately.

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