How much does it cost to change the car clutch

Changing the clutch has a variable cost based on the car and the maintenance required for the intervention, but it is still a quantifiable figure: read the article to find out more.

Car clutch: characteristics

The clutch is one of the car components that tend to wear the most, and at the same time it is among the most important: it unites the flywheel and the crankshaft, which rotate at different speeds, functioning as a separator between the engine and the wheels, thus giving the car the possibility to remain switched on in “neutral”.

By pressing your foot on the clutch pedal, you lift a component called pressure plate, which is also subject to wear, which frees the motion of the engine from that of the wheels, allowing a smooth gear change.

Remember that clutch wear is mainly due to:

  • driving style– never drive with your foot resting on the pedal
  • types of routes– a lot of traffic and many climbs consume it first
  • quality of the materials used by the house– often some cheap cars need a more frequent clutch change than others

How much does it cost to change the car clutch? If you have asked yourself this question because it seems to you that the time has come to change it, or if you are just curious, you will find out by continuing to read.

Car clutch: how much does it cost to change it

In general, the cost to change the car clutch is quite high, as it is a long and complex intervention: for this reason it is always good to rely on qualified professionals and avoid doing it yourself.

Part of the cost of replacing the clutch derives from this choice, ie the mechanic’s hours of labor; the other is due to the price of the kit, which changes according to the type of car, but generally ranges from around 100 euros up to 500 .

Based on these premises, we can say that usually the cost to change the clutch varies between 250 and 1,000 euros .

Warning: some people choose to save money by only changing the disc, but the best advice we (and any technician) can give you is that once the uncomfortable position of the clutch is reached, it is better to change everything, avoiding having to redo the job after a few years and paying for labor unnecessarily.


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